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Video Digest #1 (Oct.5th-Oct.12th 2011)

Video Digest are select gaming videos I have uploaded during the previous week. Wednesday to Wednesday with new content coming from the following Thursday onward. 
They will include the videos I’ve uploaded as well as a little bit about what I have to say about each of them.  They may be all of one game or they may be different games, but surely, they will all be entertaining!  Come see how I play!

Be sure to check them all out and comment on the blog as well as on the actual videos and like them.  Subscribe to my YouTube.  Do not forget to tell which one is your favorite video down in the comment section!

-[ Gears of War 3]-

Hotel can be one of my most fun or most hated maps, depending on the team that I have and how the other team plays.

Immediately as the match starts I begin to head towards the Digger Launcher, I want to make sure I get the power weapon first or prevent them from getting it; saves a lot of headache.  I am met with opposition, as expected and fire a few shots form my Lancer.  Seeing that it is two people against me, I take out my smoke and I hurl it forward.  I grab the Digger Launcher (Big Risk that could have ended not in my favor) and I see a guy coming at me.  Shooting the first time must have injured him, the second one putting the nail in the coffin.  His friend was not so lucky either, as a blind fire high-angled Digger shot killed the second guy.

Grabbing the incendiary grenades, I throw some at a guy that comes in (0:52) and cannot believe that I managed to kill him.  Upon further investigation he was getting shot and must have gotten caught up in the fire in his confusion.  (0:58) Next thing I know, I’m staring down two people not long afterwards.  Killing one with the Incendiary (HELL FIRE! As RaS calls it), I run up and mantle kick the other guy and point-blank Gnasher him to rank in my 5th kill and get the “Killing Spree” Ribbon.  Also, (1:15) some guy was coming in right as I was exiting out the door by the grenade spawn; wall bouncing to the corner so that way I got out of his field of vision I proceed to hand him some Gnasher justice.

Once I did that I headed towards the Digger Launcher in order to refill it, things spawn again after you have shot them all in about 30 seconds.  Seeing three of them respawning, I took aim but did not shoot because of the spawn shield and not wanting to waste shots.  It took me all three shots to kill two of them, but they were quick and easy work.  After finishing those two off, I figure I’d go and get the drop on them when they respawn by waiting, but as soon as I switched to the Gnasher and got in a good stride I was already getting fired on and began to run towards the pistol spawn.  I thought it was Boltok but it was Gorgon pistol, and I had no choice but to rely on my pistol since I lacked an automatic since I dropped my Lancer for the Digger.  I put a lot of shots into the guy but eventually got greedy because I wanted something cool for the recording again; one single Gnasher shot would have been enough to down him and continue my killing spree, but instead I got Sawed-Off thanks to a missed mantle kick.

(2:19) Respawning I ran up to the Incendiary grenades and focused my look towards the Digger Launcher since I seen the COG team had just picked it up.  Must not have been paying attention I had gotten the grenades because I was able to burn him with two tosses.

Searching around for the last person, I was not about to approach them as I noticed they had the Sawed-Off Shotgun.  Shooting them repeatedly, I was trying to figure out why they had not gone done by the time they went around the corner.  Finishing them off with the Lancer, I ran over to them and began the Arm-Rip Locust Execution (3:15) and my team mates joined in on the fun, and that was the end of Round 1.  10 Kills, 1 Down, 1 Death.

Starting off Round 2, I grab grenades and immediately look over the Boom Shot spawn towards their side.  The reason I do this is that I want to kill anyone that may be able to pick up the Boom Shot or down one of my team mates as they go to grab the Boom.

Coming inside, I see my team mates are busy fighting up top for the Torque Bow (4:08).  I lob a few grenades up there and kill one person, I tried to lob to the right cause I figured they would be running that way but it seems not.  I took out my Gnasher and began to run to the left, figure that I would cut them off and down them if they were damaged at all from my other grenade.  The person had a Sawed-Off and shot from entirely too far and flat out missed me; going to get the kill as I down them I am getting shot in the back by Molly (who becomes my friend later).  I pick up the meat shield but she is killed as soon as I turn around by the Boom Shot; I drop the shield and move on.  Not long after that I am confronted while I have my Lancer out and is struggling to get cover and yet again my ass is saved by eAngel of Death wielding the Boom Shot.

I was going for grenades but attention got diverted by a fire fight down on the other side.  My attention shifts back towards grenades because I see the indicated that a COG has just picked them up and I began to Lancer at him while he is behind cover. (4:50) I realize it is not a good mood to stay behind cover because a grenades kill radius is massive.  If he threw one behind me and one in front of me I’d be hard pressed to get out by rolling side ways, so I rush him…and kill him.

Two people are AFC (Away From the Controller), and I happen to down one as the other runs away and I pistol him until he runs.  Now, here something interesting goes on.  You will see me firing at someone and probably close to go down, but immediately switch fire to a new target around (5:37).  This is because eAngel of Death told me that someone has Boom Shot and I know it is him, I need to injure him or down him, luckily the dude was a bad shot with the Boom Shot and I managed to assist in killing him.  Grabbing the Boom Shot he left, I reloaded it and went up stairs and stopped because I thought I heard a grenade going off, but it was one of ours.  Not long after that I use the Boom to flush out someone and use it again to kill them.

Trying to be cool and get some of the final kills, I ended up dying twice.  I should have finished out without those two unnecessary deaths but oh well, you live and you learn!

Starts off as a typical Quick Team Death Match on Mercy.  You can see someone sending me a message at the bottom, that is someone I met the game before and she seemed pretty cool (We are also on the same team in this video, I cannot hear her because I am in a party with “eAngel of Death”).  She actually ends up sending me a friend request (Or do I send her one? I don’t remember).  But anyways, back to the video.

Initially I always run to the power weapon, which is a Digger Launcher in this case, I do not want anyone else to grab it from the opposite team (Just like in he match on Hotel); plus I am pretty decent with it, despite the fact that they “nerfed” it from the Beta.

Around 0:38 in the video, I shoot the Digger which is probably a few guarantee kills right? WRONG.  My friend eAngel of Death was way ahead of me and he actually killed both of them with a grenade like a split second before the digger launcher went off.  If that was not enough, around 1:00 you can see I am about to cream this guy as he is coming around the corner, I had to stop since eAngel of Death downed the dude with his Hammerburst before I could kill him.  I was talking about how he is a vulture and just kills everything.

Around 1:36, I am attempting to melee someone and I swore I was close enough, but it just did not register.  I ended up dying and thought it was stupid but I carried on regardless.  2:12 I throw an ink grenade at nothing stupidly but I easily get a kill afterwards from someone not paying attention and me swiveling around the camera (I have max sensitivity on everything +20).

Not long after wards I’m shooting at someone and they go down after a team mate is hitting them. Noticing I am getting shot from the back I do not want them to revive their team mate so I kill them and take refuge on the wall by the One Shot.  Noticing they were out of respawns I take out my Lancer and down one guy as he was running up the stairs around 2:40.  Afterwards, I down someone by the gamertag of  “x JIMMY GRIM x” after I active reloaded, and I ran and notice he was not there because he left the game after he was downed.  Noticing a team mate in trouble I get a double kill around 2:55 with the Gnasher and that concludes the first round with 7 Kills, 2 Downs, 1 Revive and 1 Death.

Starting the second round I run for Boom Shot, again, staying in tune with me needing to grab the power weapons.  Around 3:32 someone gets chainsaw’d but I am unable to really shoot them because I do not want to kill myself; going to melee them (Not thinking about switching just in case a team mate is behind them) one of my team mates comes up and kills him and saves me the trouble.  You’ll see at 3:55 that I attempt to take out a smoke, that’s because when a smoke explodes next to an enemy they cannot do anything for a few moments.  I was hoping to get time to run and recover while he was dazed and maybe I could get lost in the confusion of the smoke. 

4:25 Going to pick up Incendiary grenades when I notice someone shooting at eAngel, and I down them and immediately pick them up.  Soon as I grab the guy as a meat shield it is impaled by someone running with the Retro Lancer, I turn back and immediately draw my shotgun but I am down before I can make something happen.

After a few chaotic kills and moving around, a part I like of this video is when I switch to the pistol around 6:10 and begin to take down opponents.  I kill one that was already injured and downed one and killed him with the pistol.  People tend to forget about this weapon and how reliable it actually is in Gears of War 3 compared to the one in Gears of War 2.  I have no qualms about switching to it if I do not have my Lancer readily available.  I am downed afterwards by the One Shot and eAngel covers me and kills the person trying to come and get me.  Not long after we win.

This was really good but showed my tactical aspect as opposed to the high kills most people do.  However, I do like it.

-[ The Verdict ]-

This is my first Video Digest and it was only two videos, but I am hoping to have some more up this week.  I already have some Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition matches with Dyna I need to record and upload, and who knows what else I might try to do (Even a few BlazBlue matches maybe).  But I hoped that you enjoyed it!

Comment, Subscribe, and I’ll see you here again next Wednesday!

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