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Gamer Journal #1 (Oct.7th – Oct.14th 2011)

This is the Gamer Log of RoK the Reaper. Basically, Gamer Logs are going to be weekly postings talking about how my adventures in gaming.  You can kind of think about it as a journal for all of my gaming activities, be it forums, conversations, or playing.
Updated every single Friday, you’ll encounter my thoughts and opinions; my love and hate for gaming and everything related to it.
Read, post a comment, and don’t forget to share your own stories and experiences that have happened to you through this time period!  Don’t forget to share this on your social networking sites.

-[ Friday ]-

Started off the day by playing a little bit of “Big Head” mode on Gears of War 3.  I knew the event was coming up but I did not realize the day was already upon us until I read a tweet on twitter (hashtag was “#Gears3”) saying they were enjoying the Big Head weekend event.  Well, I need 5 events participation under my belt to earn the bronze “War Supporter” medal which will unlock the “Golden Gear” character in Gears of War 3 (Which I believe is like the regular COG Gear but just with a golden helmet).

Going to work that night, I was on break and got on MSN and was talking a little bit by my friend Dyna who informed me that “Devastation 2011” (A huge fighting game tournament in Arizona) was underway, and it reminded me how this job working 12 hours-a-day on weekends has really effected me going to gaming tournaments and watching live streams (I even took off work on the weekend to watch the Evolution 2011 tournament and participate in fighting game tournaments at A-Kon here in Dallas, Texas).  I was regretful I did not get to watch it, but maybe it will force me to try even harder so when I can compete in a tournament I give them all hell.

-[ Saturday ]-
Me and RaS had some good games in Big Head mode and I even recorded some to upload; not all that good but I may do it just to have something to remember the event by.  I was laughing during this because RaS was actually doing very well, talking about he’s doing it for his “K/D”(Kill/Death Ratio), which happens a lot; he’s really become serious about this game.  After a little bit of playing, it was time to go to sleep in order to prepare for work again.
Checking in on, I found some more teaser trailers for “Street Fighter X TEKKEN“, and I was excited because I am really hype for the game, and it seems like it is shaping up to be the perfect game for me. Though, I was really hype after I seen a particular trailer, Juri.
Juri Han is a character that was introduced in Super Street Fighter IV along with Hakan.  She is a antagonist that is ranked with the likes of Seth and M.Bison (Dictator)/(Vega in Japan).  Juri is the main of my friend Dyna, and we have had many good matches against each other but this means we will be able to team up using people we main.  Cammy has her TK Canon Strike back, along with how Juri will play (Hoping she plays the same) we should have some good matches and more good times should be in store for us… especially after the Pandora trailer and we can play online and team up.. HYPE.
-[ Sunday ]-
Nothing too much, was too tired to game when I came home from work and was currently working on the whole “Accepting Different Playstyles: Don’t be a Scrub”, and went to bed immediately after that article.
Waking up a little bit later, me and RaS started playing Gears of War 3 and began to completely wreck the other team, but only me and him went positive.  Even though we had less than 5 deaths between us, we were drug down by our team mates constantly dying and not racking up many kills.  The significance of the lesson I learned as far as this is concerned is that you are only as strong as your weakest link, and if someone uses up all of your respawns it does not matter if you die or not.
After I got to work, I called him and we started discussing business about “The Circle of the Tainted”, the little gaming clan/organization that we are making.  Because of my financial situation and lack of money, we have decided to release it at its current URL instead of buying a domain-name as well as paying per month in order to make it advertisement free.  That is fine, but I wish I could have made it a bit more professional looking with a custom URL.
A nice surprise later on that day, was I posted my article “Accepting Different Playstyles: Don’t be a Scrub” on “Chocolate Lemon’s” FaceBook page.  They were talking about streaming with “Darkside Gaming” on Justin/  I found that funny because I am the one who created the current banner for “Darkside Gaming” a long time ago.  Man, just goes to show that it is a small world after all, but that might also lead to a much needed vantage point later on down the line.

-[ Monday ]-
Monday I spent a bit of time playing Gears of War in the morning like I always do, but I eventually had to go sleep.  I do not have the ability to stay up all day seeing as I already got off of a job that shift twas 12 hours long, especially when I had to be in early the day before because I was getting a ride to work and he had to be in an hour earlier than usual.
That night, me and my friend Dyna played some Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.  We had some good matches but she was destroying my tertiary team, Chun-Li/Hulk/DeadPool, so I began to use my first team, which is X-23/Dante/Dormammu.  I was getting on a winning streak because I began to get my groove back, but they were hard fought matches no less and I was excited and surprised at Dyna’s progress; she’s really solidifying her game and bringing forth that potential.  I’m happy that she told me she was going to practice mode, it shows.  While we kept playing matches, my controller had to be unplugged/plugged back in, and we decided we were done for the night.  She said she wanted to play a little AE (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition) but I wanted to play Gears 3, but I was so tired I did not even have a chance to do that.
Eventually I ended up falling asleep in my computer share, sleeping into Tuesday.
-[ Tuesday ]-
Started off playing a little Gears of War 3 after I woke up in my chair.  Not long afterwards RaS was up to playing a little bit of it himself.  Doing a bit terrible in Team Death Match Quick Matches today, we both immediately began to complain about how “noob-friendly” the Sawed-Off Shotgun was.  My scores did not improve really, but RaS began to go hugely positive, even “18-11” when we were on the Thrashball Stadium stage with hiim saying, “Look at this. I just went 18-11, I don’t do that”.  Talking about the ease and impractical power that is the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Gears of War 3.  (I’ve also talked about how bad it is here ).  Switching from that, we played a little bit of Marvel vs Capcom 3 but he soon had to go to work afterwards, and we said we’d play later.
I wanted to see if I could come up with some cool combos, so I went to the lab(Training Mode) in Marvel vs Capcom 3.  I ended up choosing Dyna’s team (I normally choose my opponent’s team to figure how they work) and ended up coming up with an interesting combo that is easy to hit confirm, uses Magneto/Doom/Wesker, both of their assists and ends in a DHC.  I have not tried it out of the corner, but it still may work because of Hyper Gravitation.
Afterwards, I was too tired and decided to go to sleep; forgetting all about having to type an article for “”, but I’m not even sure if it is worth doing so anymore.  I’ll talk to my buddy Raik and see his opinion on it.
-[ Wednesday ]-

Today was actually pretty eventful.  Got on today and I was looking around and found out that the Sawed-Off Shotgun was nerfed, so I was all happy and excited and just was excited as hell.  Could not wait to tell Rasean about it because we were mad so much from the previous day from how crazy the Sawed-Off Shotgun was.

I worked on Magneto/Doom/Wesker combos and came up with some pretty good ones for Magneto, including one that uses Hyper Gravitation after a combo that uses float and doom assist and fly/unfly in a single combo, it is actually pretty good.  Thought about putting him in my team but found out that it does not really work out too well.  Seems Laura Kinny is not to be replaced as of yet.

After telling RaS about the nerf for the Sawed-Off, we began to play a bit online and Brandon got on and he played with us as well.  RaS found out that he is better off as a support type player and the Sawed-Off Shotgun is actually a lot better for the situations that he gets himself into, which is fine.  Also, we had fun making fun of “Trained by God” because he was caught raging a lot over games and we were just eating that all up, shit was cash.

Anyways, I also played later on with good friend eAngel of Death.  We beat Beast Mode on Insane(Which we did for my friend Molly) and Horde Mode on Insane back-to-back in Gears of War 3 and got the Onyx medal.  Weird as well, when we were playing today I think I have a XBox type crush on Molly, weird as hell.  She has a type of southern accent like me, she plays video games, and sweet and shit.  Anyways, enough on that subject though.  It was funny how on wave 50 of Horde “Heavy Gear” my friend just lagged out and could not get the Onyx medal, we died a LOT on Wave 49 and Wave 50, damn Gunkers were crazy and we were forced to run to the bottom spawn of Over Pass in order to win.  After that, I went to sleep for a while, told Mom to wake me up around 10:00.

She attempted to wake me up, but I was too far gone and did not get up until around 11:00.  Wanted to watch Wednesday Night fights over on Off Cast, but they did not have it because Team Spooky was elsewhere, I believe.  Anyways, they were playing all type of weird games like Power Ranger Fighters, some Gundam Wing Fighting games, and per Dyna’s request, I called in and requested that he play Battletoads.  Hell, we even heard a creepy stalker sounding dude call in, it was funny as hell.

With that being done, me and Dyna went and played some Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and she got a match she wanted me to upload and I’m not going to deny her after stuff that went down last time.  I also seen a Toronto Tournament final for Marvel vs Capcom 3, which had Combofiend up against MarlinPie, who win it in devastating fashion and had some pretty good combos from Magneto/Amateratsu.  Never seen those before.

We took a break from Super Street Fighter IV to check out this stream to watch he friend “Alukard” play against some people, first one was named “FAB”.  Team is pretty good, but I think I can take em’ if we ever did play, he seemed to drop a lot of stuff but got some free “Happy Birthdays” a couple of times (When you catch two characters in a combo).   This is the dude that showed her how to use a little glitch on Marvel vs Capcom 3 online to make it where you have the “replay” option in created matches by using the player match function.  We watched the dude for a bit and played a little more SSFIV:AE, and we took breaks occasionally to watch when Brian (Alukard) had a match.  We continued to play until Dyna’s connection dropped one time and we took it upon ourselves to stop since she has work in the morning anyway.  I needed to get better with Magneto but to no luck at all.

-[ Thursday ]-

Thursday was all right.  I was going to get into the Gears COGtober Fest by Beyond Gaming games but I signed up for the one on Saturday instead of today and had to stop because I cannot do it because it conflicts with my work schedule, so I was bummed.  
I also finished my Video Digest (Which you can see on my site )  and someone actually left me a code on my website and I did not even get to use it because someone already did by the time I did so.  This tells me I really need to go ahead and get that contact information part up so t hat way people can drop me stuff like that.  No telling if the dude already used it or someone visited my site and checked to make sure it was not working or not; but hey, gotta count it as a loss.  It was a Gears 3 based Video Digest, so it could have been a green weapon skin where as I am not missing anything anyway.
Play a little bit more Gears of War and talk in my group on FaceBook I made with all of my friends and that about ends it for this week.  Thanks for reading!

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