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Dragon Ball FighterZ — Season 2 Announcement Trailer Impressions


Just when players thought the frenetic fighting action in DRAGON BALL FighterZ could not reach higher levels, we bring six more characters into the fight with the DRAGON BALL FighterZ – FighterZ Pass 2. Literally kicking things off in the new FighterZ Pass 2 will be the arrival of Jiren and Videl, who are joining the rest of the DRAGON BALL FighterZ on January 31, 2019 in the Americas. DRAGON BALL SUPER Broly and SSGSS Gogeta are also on their way; more news will be shared soon about their impending arrival.

Each character in FighterZ Pass 2 can be purchased separately for $4.99USD or all six characters can be purchased for $24.99USD ($5.00USD discount).

  IMPRESSIONS  — Overall, I think it was a pretty decent trailer.  I think the only thing that would have been better if we got some announcements on mechanic changes and if they would have announced every character in the upcoming pack; but I guess they also want to keep a few surprises up their sleeves (4 out of 6 is not bad at all).  So basically, if they did a mix of Street Fighter V‘s Season 3 and TEKKEN 7’s Season 2 trailers, they would be golden.  Not bad however, glad we got one.



Jiren the Grey was never someone I found interesting as a character when he was introduced in Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Power; mainly because he is extremely strong without much of a background (they tell it, but it still seems like a forced move) as to why and his personality is pretty generic.   To be fair, I knew Jiren was going to make the cut simply because he was the main “antagonist” during the last aired arc of Dragon Ball Super.  This guy was the literal wall on whether-or-not Universe 7 was going to be erased and pushed Goku into “Ultra Instinct”, something even Gods of Destruction can only hope to achieve.

My feelings on him is that he is pretty generic, pretty boring, and even his moveset looks as uninspiring as he is.  Though, to be far, with the myriad of counters and powerful moves, it is going to be fun to see how he may relentlessly crush people due to the “yomi” type moveset they seemed to have given him.  Fighting style looks unique enough, but I need to really see it in action to be sold on it.  While this is not a character I am personally interested in, he is a good addition and is sure to make tons of people happy.





This has been hinted at since leakers started spreading around Season 2 rumors during the middle of Season 1.  Videl and Great Saiyaman come together as a unit, which makes sense to a degree, but seems as though Gohan takes most of the shine during cinematic sequences.  I think her inclusion could have been omitted for someone else, though I do realize they may have wanted more characters and she is the only human female character that actually knows how to fly.  Still, I think Zangya would have been a better pick if we wanted a female combatant with some actual power.

Videl looks extremely cute all throughout her play style, including when her and Gohan team up for a dual-kick super move.  She is mostly a hand-to-hand combatant and uses Gohan to due use as a wake-up kamehameha and he seems to assist her in some special moves, similar to how Android 18 calls Android 17 in her moveset.  Overall, she seems like she could be a pretty fun character and I might pick her up just to try her out, regardless of me not caring too much for Great Saiyaman during my time watching Dragon Ball Z.

On another note, a lot of people did not really care for how cutesy Videl was compared to how “mean” a lot of people assumed for her to be.  This is the same woman that loves Gohan to death, even to the point of also dressing up as “The Great Saiya Girl” alongside his cosplay.  So of course she is going to overly happy and excited, she loves Gohan and they are a tag team, go figure.





Everyone knew this was coming, with the movie being so highly anticipated and Broly already being a favorite (with his original version already in the game).  People are definitely going to be running double Broly teams, and it does not hurt to have another “big body” character.  Gogeta is the character I am excited about, he is my favorite fusion character and I am 100% happy they added him into the game.  Most people were very happy we got Vegito, but I never did like him and always preferred Gogeta instead; but now we are definitely going to have Vegito/Gogeta shells and things are going to incredibly interesting.

There are only two things I really want in the game, one from each character.  Broly, I want him to have a super or command grab move that he does in the movie, specifically the one when fighting against SSGSS Goku where he grabs him by the leg and repeatedly slams him into the ground.  The next is the Gogeta attack where he hits Broly into the air and suspends him in a cross-like energy field, crosses his arms over each other, raises his hands into the air and causes a massive surge of ki which results in an atomic-bomb like explosion.

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