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【TEKKEN 8】Yomimitsu Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Yoshimitsu is a fighter that everyone expected to return, mainly because he’s a staple within the game series (well, TEKKEN as well as Soul Calibur). While I personally have never really played him, I did always appreciate those who mastered this extremely eccentric fighter. Now, I wonder how he’ll play in TEKKEN 8? Well, let’s find out together!



Is it crazy that I actually really love Yoshimitsu’s design scheme?. While some of the other designs from previous games were pretty weird, this Yoshimitsu’s seems as though they’re really embracing the “Mechanized Space Ninja” nickname they gave him within the trailer. Some parts of the armor glows (such as the eyes, mouth, and pieces beneath the armor), and he even has what appears to be a cape. Also, I really love the ninja-style hakama he’s wearing too!

As far as his fighting style; he seems like a character I would definitely try out. I have no idea whether-or-not he still has some of his zanier moves (such as the pogo stick-type sword stance “Flea” or even the move which he stabs himself “Suicide”). Seems he’s got a revamped fighting style that is more user-friendly to a degree; so maybe more new players will try him out. Though I see he still kept the helicopter-type sword stance known as “Manji Dragonfly”, including attacks out of it that combo.

I feel like Yoshimitsu will be probably used more often since he looks more simple in execution; however, I have no idea what other attacks he has or the complexity that’s hidden beneath the surface. No idea but to wait and see how he plays when I finally get my hands on him!

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