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【Guilty Gear Strive】Bridget Trailer & Starter Guide

For the first time in the history of Evolution, the most prestigious fighting game tournament on the planet, Guilty Gear headlined. Aside from the excellent competition and showing, we were also introduced to the brand new character to kick off Season 2 of Guilty Gear -Strive-, Bridget, who’s coming today. While she’s technically a returning character, they’re brand new to this line-up! Get the trailer that made its debut yesterday, including the starter guide, here!



I wasn’t at all surprised that we managed to get Bridget as the first new character for Guilty Gear -Strive- Season 2. This is mainly because the survey results that Arc System Works held for characters wanted featured Bridget sitting in the #1 spot for Japan. Also, Bridget is a fighter we haven’t seen since Accent Core, and since she was nowhere within the Xrd series, it makes sense they chose -Strive- for a grand return!

Like many new characters, Bridget features an overhauled design which fits rather well. The whole “Nun” thing is still retained within her current style, but it’s made more modern and makes a lot more “sense” (if there is such a thing in Guilty Gear) with this new take. Everything else seems fairly the same, and the dress underneath the hoodie is actually quite a nice touch. However, I personally would’ve preferred some socks or thigh highs on the legs so they aren’t as barren there.

My first impression from the trailer was that they managed to preserve a lot of Bridget’s playstyle while giving it “-Strive-” updates, which is a pleasant thing for those who enjoyed how she played before. Testament received a considerable overhaul to their playstyle which resulted in some people trying them out but others who once mained them upset at the new mechanics. Nothing to do but to see what’s what and try Bridget out when they release later today.



Bridget honestly looks like a character that I wouldn’t mind playing (for the moment), mostly because I don’t exactly have a main for Guilty Gear -Strive- yet (the closet one being Testament). A variety of long range pokes, projectile which can give an opponent something to worry about, and a command grab to open up those defensive-demons means a well-rounded arsenal. Also, Bridget being a cute character fits with my M.O. However, I have never had a strong desire to play Bridget or a particular fondness for the character, mostly because they aren’t as cool to me as who I normally play (Elphelt, A.B.A., Jam, and Dizzy). For the moment, this should definitely be something to occupy me until one of my main girls comes out.

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