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T5T — Crossovers I want for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is going to be the newest upcoming fighter from renowned fighting game developer Arc System Works.  This game is going to be bringing together a few different series; BlazBlue, Persona, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY.  Though, there are possibilities for other crossovers in the future if the game does well, at least I am hopeful that there will be.

With this in mind, I was over at Eventhubs not too long ago and they ran a poll for the games that some people might want to be apart of this fighting game.  To be honest, I thought this was a good idea and I wanted to list the my top 5 series that I would want incorporated into this fighter if they would indeed begin to look at prospects for future DLC.

My choices are going to be based on other fighting games, be it anime or otherwise.  So without further ado, I will give you my Top 5 Tuesdays post for the series I want as DLC for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!


 Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm 

This game was made by a group consisting of three previous SNK employees (the guys behind The King of FightersSamurai Shodown, and Art of Fighting).  While it was severely hyped up before release, even received a ton of funding due to the popularity of the streamer  known as “Maximilian Dood” pushing them and pleading to help get the game made.  However, not much was heard about the game for a while before it did eventually release back in 2015.

The game did not get much steam despite having a classic art style and fighting direction; mimicking some aspects from both SNK and CAPCOM fighters.  I feel like this game should have been more popular, but pushing it back and not releasing it on major console gaming platforms (Playstation, Xbox) really put a hurting on it.  While it is true that PC could be the primary aim for some fighters (it has supported Melty BloodImmaterial and Missing Power for years), you will find it is often very difficult to get a decent enough following to continually support the developers to the point of releasing a port or even continuing to update the game.

The sprite in this game are really good, that and I feel it will give more attention to this underplayed and overlooked game.  Sometimes the games I feel should make it simply do not do so, while it is a pity, this might be the breath of life needed to once again have people flocking to this game by the droves and possibly support it enough to receive a ported version to the console if enough interest is generated.


 Street Fighter 

All right, hear me out before you start getting angry and making comments!  I know that Street Fighter is kind of overrated in the fighting games community to a certain extent, the fact that they are currently the kings of this genre (by popularity and tournament standpoint by usually standing as the final game played).  However, I think it would be amazing to see exactly what Arc System Works, a group of fighting game experts who show real passion in their works, would do with the legendary Street Fighter series.  Please, tell me the thought of Arc System Works working on SF does not sound at all appealing?

I bought Street Fighter V because I enjoyed all the other games in the series, but I have not had my proper fix of this franchise since the latest iteration has yet to please me whatsoever.  I feel like this would be a breath of fresh air, not to mention with the right love and care we could see beautiful remixes of the Street Fighter: Third Strike sprites if Arc System Works chose to use them as a base for what they would make for Street Fighter in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, not to mention the the way that they could potentially fight by bringing over traits from Street Fighter X TEKKEN.

Besides, I think we should invite CAPCOM’s legendary franchise simply because it started the whole crossover genre with X-Men vs Street Fighter, which I believe to be the father of all fighting game crossover titles.  We will see, hopefully they do make the cut in a way we are never expecting (and hopefully we get Makoto, Cammy, Juri, and Kolin!).


 Guilty Gear 

To be honest, I believe they know everyone wants this (people wanted a BlazBlue X Guilty Gear game for the longest), they may be saving it as surprise DLC to ensure sales or to bring people back to the game once it starts to decline.  At the very same time, they already have the Guilty Gear Xrd series out, and making new sprites just for this game seems like a massive chore, especially since they already had so many versions of Guilty Gear XX, though, they would only have to copy moves verbatim and maybe change around their properties to be more inline with what BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Out of the people that are available, I think I would most like A.B.A., Kuradoberi Jam, and Elphelt (though she was introduced in Guilty Gear Xrd and sprites will have to be made).  Despite me loving this series and playing it many times throughout the years, I am honestly not too in love with many of the characters.  Sure, I think people like Sol Badguy and Bedman are cool as hell, but personally I would not play as them…but I am quite sure they would add to the spectacle for those that do!

I think the odds of us getting Guilty Gear characters are fairly good, especially since I do not think Team Red and Team Blue are planning to crossover BB and GG anytime soon.  Also as I said before, the selling point for DLC would be absolutely incredible.


 Big Bang Beat 

I always found it funny that the Big Bang Beat fighting game series was made by AliceSoft (アリスソフト), you know, the people who do hentai oriented content like Rance and Beat Angel Escalayer.  Regardless, I first found this series when I was looking up combo videos for when I wanted to make my very first one (which resulted in my Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds combo video “Soldiers of Misfortune” which later became the refined version “Deus ex Ruina  I ended up running across this Big Bang Beat Combo Video (which also gave me a love for the song “Escape to the Sky” by Terra!).

I think this game would be easy enough to implement; it has 2D sprites (though they may have to be remade), they have a style of fighting similar to that of BlazBlue or Under Night In-Birth, and they have their own cast of unique characters that bring their own fighting style apart from those already present in the game (such as


 Dengeki Bunko 

This brings together different light novel series in an epic fighting game crossover, though what really gets me is that it was made in collaboration with Soft-Circle Frenchbread, the same people responsible for Melty Blood and Under Night In-Birth (which already happens to be in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle).  When I first heard that this game was being released, I was especially hyped about the series it was going to mesh up, not to mention it was made by people who had a good grasp of what people like in anime-style fighting games.

Some of the series that is included within the Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax series are Sword Art OnlineDurarara!!Toradora, etc.  Personally, I would love for them to include this game so I could fight with my favorite Dengeki Bunko characters; Taiga Aisaka, Shizuo Heiwajima, and Mikoto Misaka.  Though, they did not include my favorite character under their imprint (Izaya Orihara) from Durarara!!, so there is little chance of him of him actually getting into BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle even if they were to include this series at some point (unless Arc System Works would be willing to create an original moveset for him, but I heard that the reason that Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao-Long were going to be free DLC was that creating movesets for them was proving more difficult than expected).

Overall I think this would be a great addition to bring in more people who just are a general fan of the Dengeki Bunko imprint anime, especially those who liked the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax series.  Popular anime always tend to draw in tons more people (RWBY is already in this game, but its popularity still cannot compare to some of the legendary series within Dengeki Bunko, in my opinion).

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