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【DNF Duel】 Enchantress Trailer

 Enchantress Trailer 


Being someone who has never played Dungeon Fighter Online, I have no idea what a character will play like when I first see them. Enchantress definitely doesn’t play like she looks, as I was not expecting a puppet character.

Enchantress has a Gothic Lolita dress style, which is reminiscent of a few different characters in fighting games (like Rachel Alucard), and fights with a broom and what appears to be a possessed doll. Attacks that are close-ranged seem to use the broom and for specific attacks, she seems to rely on the teddy bear who moves at her command through a series of strings like a puppeteer.

I am…unsure about how I feel about this character. From her personality, to her fighting style, to the way her dress is designed, I am just not understanding if I am hype or not. This is the type of character I could see myself playing due to even my mascot being gothic, but her moveset and personality are a lot more colorful and cheery than I would’ve wanted from first glances. Maybe playing her will result in a different experience, and there are different color palettes available for the entire cast. I don’t know, Enchantress happens to be the final character before DLC is made available (and from what I understand, we still have a huge amount of classes to choose from that are available in Dungeon Fighter Online), and she’s not a bad pick. I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased because I wanted to like her more than I do, but that’s always subject to change once the game is fully released!

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