Skip to main content Site Update for November 2014 has been very slow as of late, this has to due with a variety of issues that mostly pertain to my addiction with the game “Destiny” by Bungie, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content I still need to post, and the uncertainty of exactly what and how I should be posting this content.  My decline in activity can also be attributed by mixed feelings concerning social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others of such nature.  This article discusses my plan on how to get back into the flow of things and how it will impact the future of starting from now.

Something that I have paid the price for is putting too much onto my plate too soon.  I was so enamored with my feelings for anime, manga, and gaming that I created this site in order display my affection but winded up doing something that was the opposite of my ambitions.  I wanted to originally just provide something of an outlet for the “real me”, not someone that is held back by values held by the vast majority when it comes to what is deemed “popular”, rather the authentic me in all of my geek glory.  However, I soon began to fall into the mindset of, “I am a pretty decent reviewer, maybe I can get things for free!”, this began the burden of my current dilemma.

Right now I still have the Moribito Blu-Ray Complete Collection (Valued at $80) to review and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (Valued at $60) to review.  Each of these things were provided by the source company in order for me to give a review, and I have not done so yet because I am afraid of how they will think of the review I have given, as well as the overwhelming fright that not many people will actually get around to reading the review whether-or-not it is well-written with good insight.  I do not want the companies’ in question to think “Well, that was a good waste of resources, make sure we alert everyone not to waste their review copies on this guy” and it leads to a paralyzing fear of me not doing it at all…which is even worse.  But I find out this feeling of being overwhelmed actually derives from me not having complete faith in my work because I am not very well known yet… something that I really need to work on getting over.

The main thing I have to realize is that these companies would not just issue out random reviewers copies.  They have looked at things like the “likes” on my facebook page, the content and frequency of the posts on my website, and exactly how well I would be able to present their content, good or bad, for the public to make an assumption on.  I created this website and have increasingly heightened my skills with the written word in order to gain the opportunities I am now too afraid to take… it is shameful to say the least.  In order to combat this, I have made a plan in order to lift the burden off of myself, provide new content, and hopefully gain a small audience who will come back regularly to see if there is any  new content available.

  The Plan  

My plan in order to get and myself where I want them garners around how I handle the site in its entirety.  I want to make it clear exactly what I will be putting up and how I will handle things like game reviews, anime reviews, news pertaining to all subjects, etc.  While I realize it may not be the  most popular way about going about things, they will fit my needs and therefore, the needs of this website and all social media platforms.

First off, I am not going to be worried about the balancing of anime, manga, and gaming.  I will not worry if I get a massive influx of news from either source because it is all relevant to my site.  I do not care if one day my blog looks like it is dedicated to nothing but gaming, if it looks like an otaku’s paradise, or if it is a manga haven.  I will post content as I get it for the reasons that I see fit, that is the only thing that I can do and actually WANT to do.

Something I had to realize is that my content is mine alone and it is a unique type of information that no one else can give because I am the only one who thinks completely like myself.  I cannot be worried whether-or-not people will want to hear a voice outside of their main source because I might be their main source to begin with.  What if I said I was going  to review something and someone was waiting for the “ Review” for it?  How disappointed would they be that I had not followed my word?  Someone said before that my facebook page was their main source for anime and manga news, why would they continue to have a reason for coming there?   I will not worry about whether-or-not I am late on reviewing any of the recent games because my opinion is still relevant even if IGN, Kotaku, and Gamespot have already had their say on their content.

To summarize what I am basically saying, I w ill be getting back to my original theme and posting on things that I care about.  You may not  see your favorite anime or game represented here, but my only job is to really talk about what I want to talk about because that is what got me this far to begin with.  I will request those things to review that I think will be a good fit for me and will follow them through to their ends.  I want to rebuild my reputation because once it is gone, it takes ages to bring it back and I am not about to let all of my hard work go down the drain because I was indecisive about what I want… and that goes for all areas of my life right now.

Thank you for reading the November 2014 review for, I hope that next month you will come back to read December’s and that I will have a lot more positive to say about things.  Arigatou!

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  1. You should do whatever you want to do. This is YOUR site anyways. I always look forward to your reviews, even if I don't know the product. I honestly think those are the best ones because it gives me something new to look forward too. I think that is the whole point of reviews. They help get a product out there. It gets people to read your opinion and want to play, read or watch it. When I read a review about something I have already watched or played, I tend to be bias and have my own opinion in mind. This might have nothing to do with what you are saying but I think you have the talent to go as far as you want. But just remember, you can't learn without failing a couple times. Keep up everything you do.

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