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【Apex Legends】 5 Quality of Life changes needed

Apex Legends is currently my favorite Battle Royale, outlasting other in the genre I’ve played (such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, Realm Royale, Warzone, etc). The game is already in its 11th season and has grown dramatically from its starting point; more legends, new maps, different guns, balance changes, etc. However, despite all of this, there are still a few things that Respawn could do to dramatically increase the quality-of-life for many of us who enjoy their addictive FPS.


Right now I am in love with my main, Rampart. I love the way amp walls can turn a bad situation around, how Shiela is the ultimate 3rd party crasher, and her amazingly humorous quips (“Let’s show these plonkers why their parents never loved them!”). Every now and then you’ll have someone else who also wants to rock my girl and it happens to be while I’m running to use the bathroom, pick up my Uber Eats order, or checking out my social media via second monitor. What happens? Well, I end up with someone I don’t want to use (such as Wraith or Wattson). Also, at least on base consoles for last generation (Playstation 4 and Xbox One), you’ll sometimes not even realize this has happened until your time to choose a legend has passed.

The easiest way to deal with someone grabbing your preferred character is to preselect three legends as back-ups. For me, my legends would be Rampart, Revenant, and Bangalore.

If I queue up as Rampart and the person before me picks her, it would default to Revenant. If someone also chooses Rev, it would pick Bangalore. If I happen to queue up as someone not within my preselect list for whatever reason (like a daily), it would allow me to still fall back to Rampart should someone be before me and chooses my current legend.

While technically everyone should be available to play the moment they queue up, that’s precious time we could be doing other things (and most of us do). Respawn putting this system into place would allow us to come back to a character we enjoying playing rather than being on random select the moment our legend is taken.


The replicator became a mainstay when Rampart dropped back in Season 6 and has given us the ability to craft ammo and its unfortunately not as useful as it should be. This is because you craft ammo for your primary and secondary weapon, which means if (for example) you have plenty of light but not enough heavy, you will still have to craft equal amounts of both. In order to remedy this at the moment, I have to pick up two weapons with the same ammo type (if I’m not already running two of the same ammo-type weapons anyway) to craft double that ammo. However, this involves dropping your secondary and all its attachments and is generally not recommended.

The solution to this dilemma is simple; allow someone to craft a single ammo type at a time. Right now there are light, heavy, shotgun, sniper, energy, and arrows. It’s very easy to have an ammo selection spot on the replicator and then allowing you to pick the ammo-type from a sub-menu, with your current ammo type(s) being in the front. This would help out a ton. Though it could (in some ways) cause an indirect nerf to Loba, I think it’s a wise decision for utility.


We all know that Apex Legends has armor slots for Body, Helmet, Backpack, and Knockdown shield. All of these have gold variants which add a special ability.

  • Body Shield — Allows for shield cells and syringes to repair armor/life for double the usual amount.
  • Helmet — Quicker recharge for Tactical and Ultimate abilities.
  • Backpack — Allows a player to revive a teammate with more shield/health than normal (definitely enough to fight with).
  • Knockdown Shield — The ability to revive yourself if you’re downed.

While the Knockdown Shield seems like it would be great, unfortunately it’s currently not as good as it should be.

Your Knockdown Shield is meant to protect you when you’re put into the downed state. Often times enemy teams will try to kill you in order to eliminate the possibility of you returning to the fight or in order to gain loot from your death box. While this is not always the case, many will try until they begin wasting ammo/time shooting into a Knockdown shield and will focus on the fight later (if it is close by them), allowing you to get away and hopefully into a better position for your teammates. Gold Knockdown shields are a different story.

Since the threat of self-reviving with a Gold Knockdown shield is high, you are often immediately killed the second you bring it up, which is bad considering you need it to survive kill-hungry opponents in the first place. More than that, it takes a longer time to revive yourself with a Gold Knockdown Shield than a regular revive/Lifeline’s passive ( About 12 seconds with the GKS, and about 6 seconds regularly). Not to mention the Gold Knockdown Shield turns into a purple shield after its used.

I think since the Gold Knockdown Shield means you cannot lift it to protect yourself without immediately becoming a priority to be killed and that it turns into a purple shield upon its use, that the time should be shortened to 8 seconds. While some may think this is too much, you have to consider the fact that it’s almost impossible to down someone at a close range without wanting to thirst them and you’ll immediately notice they have this shield. Right now it’s nearly useless except for miracle clutch situations.


While we can use a replicator to craft Shield Batteries and Medkits, we often have spare materials which we cannot use due to no replicator being around. I think we should be able to use that out in the field to craft a Shield Battery out of 4 Shield Cells and the same with Medkits and Syringes.

I don’t think this should be cheap however, as it could easily be abused. It cost 20 materials to craft a Shield Battery or Medkit, and I think it should cost 30 to do it away from the replicator. This means that you’re losing 1 Shield Battery/Medkit for every 2 you craft out in the field as opposed to a Replicator, since the cost for 2 would now be 60 materials instead of 40, and you’d also need Shield Cells for this to work.

I think this is a smart use of spare materials, and it will also help when you have a massive amount of Shield Cells when you really need Batteries.


I tend to play within a full stack on Apex Legends more often than not, which means that whoever sends out the invites is also responsible for being the Jumpmaster. I think it would be wise to randomize who is the Jumpmaster within a pre-made squad in order to avoid one person having to carry that responsibility all the time or having to give it up and allowing it to randomly fall on the other two people. More so, I think this should be a toggleable option for those who like it the way it is and want one person to be in charge of it for their group for whatever reason.

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