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【DNF DUEL】Crusader Trailer

Another day, another trailer for DNF DUEL. This one is going to be for the “Crusader” character, which I am assuming is a holy class. I used the Crusader class in Diablo III, so I am very curious to see how this character was designed for Dungeon Fighter Online, because that’s going to transfer directly to their representation in this game.



To be honest, Crusader is the first character for DNF DUEL who I feels has a really tacky, typical design. I feel like he looks like what you would expect a generate Crusader combatant to be. While that’s not really a bad thing considering you know what you’re getting into, it isn’t what I expect when I see a trailer for DNF DUEL considering their excellent record for superb character design. Their gameplay however, is a completely different story.

While the looks for the Crusader aren’t mind-blowing, his gameplay looks promising. Hammer attacks, a shield around his body, even a purple floating orb above him which shoots lasers in all directions. I can tell this character is going to be fun to use regardless of if I like his character design or not, and that says a lot in my opinion.

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