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【DNF DUEL】Kunoichi Trailer

The massive amount of DNF DUEL love we’ve been getting lately has not ceased with yet another character trailer! This one is featuring a female ninja, though she’s not only a kunoichi but an ELF! Definitely looking to see what this character can do.



The Kunoichi is yet another class present within Dungeon Fighter Online, and while I never played the game, I must say this is another beautiful character. An Elven Ninja within a video game is something is something I thought I wouldn’t see, especially one with fire as the main element instead of something more cliché like water or wind. I have not seen a fire-based kunoichi character since Mai Shiranui within a fighting game, so having someone else within that exact archetype feels good.

As far as her presentation, her moves are absolutely memorizing. The aesthetic is great, with her effects being at the forefront (I’m looking at you, KOFXV!). More than that however, is the fact that they did not sexualize her at all within her costume (while this is not really a problem, nearly every female ninja character see in fighting games are wearing extremely skimpy costumes; Mai Shiranui, Kasumi, Ayane, etc). Feels pretty good to see someone who’s beautiful, a force, and is someone a girl could cosplay without showing her ass.

All-in-all, I still don’t know who I would main in this game considering the amount of pure badass coming off of every single character trailer. Though, she is definitely someone I will be checking out if nothing else.

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