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【MultiVersus】Wonder Woman Buff Hopes

Ever since I found out the roster for MultiVersus, I already knew who I was going to main. I have a habit of picking the characters I want to play before I even get my hands on them because usually my main character within fighters have to meet a few criteria; cool-looking, female, and aggressive. Typically I start to look for other options if no characters fits this mold, but Wonder Woman certainly does. I’ve loved this character within the comics for the simple fact she’s an actual trained Demi-God who has no problem killing enemies rather than locking them away or trying to get them to stop. No one else on the current MultiVersus roster is appealing to me, so Diana being present was my saving grace for giving this game a chance after the fall of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Unfortunately, like many fighting games, the character I ended up picking happen to be need of serious love. Wonder Woman is a tank, but she doesn’t feel like she belongs in that class next to Superman and The Iron Giant. Hell, she feels like she struggles doing basic things that other characters do. While she has already been confirmed to have buffs in the patch since Evolution 2022 (The largest fighting game on the planet that happened August 5th-7th), I am hoping they are substantial enough to bring her inline with her fellow tanks and the roster in whole.

This article is primarily to just say what I would like buffed and why I feel like Wonder Woman needs those things. We’re going to start with her Passive, Attacks, Specials, and finally her Perks.


  • Bracer Meter – This fills up when Wonder Woman blacks a projectile with her shield or gets hit while armored. This is supposed to power up the “Amazon Shout” ability, which is currently her Grounded Down Attack.

    First off, it’s pretty weak that you have to depend on an opponent to fill up this meter; if you’re fighting someone who’s projectiles are difficult to block (Bugs Bunny’s rockets or safe) or someone who doesn’t really have any (Finn), it becomes much harder to fill up. The next thing about this is that she only has three ways to get armor; at the very end of her Grounded Side Special, end of her Grounded Down Attack, and finally her Down Special which has cool down. I think the Bracer Meter should fill up whenever you hit someone with the shield, and that means her Grounded Side Special and her Grounded/Air Up Special as well. You’re losing out on using an entire attack to wait for this gauge to fill, and the faster you can fill it up the better. You also should not have to completely depend on an opponent to do so (Finn doesn’t need to stop specific things to gain coins and Shaggy can charge without opponents).
  • Flying Slash| Air Side Attack – A fast, forward down slash.

    First off, this move is NOT fast at all. It comes out extremely slow, and it doesn’t do enough knockback. It’s predictable to dodge when trying to edge guard someone, and you do not have the ability to alter the timing. This move either needs to have greater knockback potential to reward landing it, or it needs to be able to be charged to alter the timing. Hell, I’ll also just take a general increase in speed of the move.
  • Rising Kick | Air Up Attack – An overhead kick that has a “Sweetspot” at the end.

    This move is not too bad, except the fact that it’s her most powerful spike and that is where the issue lies. Within MultiVersus, fast-falling while performing a move slows down the speed considerably. If you couple this with the fact that Wonder Woman has to hit enemies with the tip of her foot, which means you have to jump and perform this move when facing away from your opponent. So to kill an opponent, you have to connect with this slow-ass move while facing away from them while also hitting with the sweetspot; it’s powerful, but not feasible to land consistently. Increasing the fast-fall speed of this move would dramatically change that, as well as giving it a few more active frames.
  • Amazon Shout | Ground Down Attack – Release an energy blast projectile which can be charged to increase blast size. Bracer meter powers it up, and briefly grants Wonder Woman and ally armor within the blast.

    This is 100%, without a doubt, the most underwhelming move within Wonder Woman’s ENTIRE arsenal. First off, you attempt to hold off on using this move simply because you want it powered completely up. The non-powered up version only does 5% damage and very minimal knockback, half-powered does about 12% damage and a bit more knockback, and fully-powered does 17% damage and sufficient knockback…but not enough. Also it has armor at the end of the move after it activates when it should have armor as soon as the move begins.

    This should be Wonder Woman’s kill move. When all else fails, you should know that if you land this move that an opponent isn’t going to survive once they reach high percentage. This isn’t the case as it’s not consistent, and it’s completely underpowered considering the fact you lose access to a move while it’s building. In fact, increasing the blast size doesn’t do anything for the power, it’s the same hit over a large radius. Amazon Shout takes a long time to build up, is hard to hit with outside of comboing it from the first two hits of her “Amazon Combo”, and doesn’t do enough knockback.
  • Falling Spear | Air Down Attack – A powerful downward stab.

    This is suppose to be Wonder Woman’s most conventional spike, and like many others, a powerful combo tool when landed on a grounded opponent. However, this move simply has no active frames. It comes out, has a hitbox for a few microseconds and then absolutely nothing. This makes it very tricky to hit with as you cannot begin the move outside of an opponent’s attack range and then move into it and strike them. You have to depend on using this slow-ass move within a range where you will lose to attacks with faster start-up speed and more priority, and it just overall feels bad.
  • Lasso of Truth | Neutral Special – Wonder Woman throws out her Lasso of Truth Projectile, pulling enemies and allies to her. Cooldown applies.

    This has two main issues; it doesn’t have a hitbox on the move going forward and it has too long of a cool down. This is Wonder Woman’s signature weapon, even more so than her shield. Aside from the fact that there is no command grab with the Lasso (which she really should have to either charm the opponent or swing them), it doesn’t hit on the way forward and back. Literally, it goes right through the opponent on the way forward and only has a hitbox on the way back, it’s really disheartening. The only way to get past this limitation is by using the “Whip of Hephaestus” perk which allows you to have a knockback hitbox on the tip. The next is the cooldown is just too long to be her signature move which doesn’t do a lot of damage and only can really gimp/combo at certain percentages.

    Another big issue is the fact that it will PULL ALLIES. Because it only has a hitbox on the way back and the tip does nothing, it means that you can only pull in allies if they’re fairly close. This means you will more-than-likely actually pull them in by mistake than on purpose, which has happened a ton of times. It isn’t as precise as something like Reindogs which can be controlled. I feel like they should only apply this if you hold the button so it’s always intentional and doesn’t mess up your ally.
  • Warrior’s Charge | Ground Side Special – Woman woman lunges forward with armor, and her shield raise destroying incoming projectiles. If a projectile is destroyed, Wonder Woman can instantly act again. Charge to keep her shield raise. Wonder Woman can move back and forth while her shield is raised. Allies that Wonder Woman passes will receive armor.

    The first issue that this move has is that it has armor given to you at the end of the move. When you look at Superman, his armor starts only a second or so after he begins his Ground Neutral and Up Attacks, and even Grounded Up Special. If you look at LeBron’s Shoulder Charge, he has armor the instant he starts the move up. PLEASE let Wonder Woman have armor at this move’s start up. The next buff I would really want is the ability for her to jump while doing this.
  • Soaring Punch | Air Side Special – Wonder Woman delivers a forward flying-punch.

    I feel like this move is pretty good, but it definitely needs to fly forward some more. The range on it is extremely short for it to be a move where she’s flying forward. Just like Superman Wonder Woman can actually fly, so like Superman can cover some good distance, so does Wonder Woman. She’s also a Tank, it’s pretty fair.
  • Shield of Athena – Dodging creates a barrier that blocks enemy projectiles. The barrier goes on cooldown after a successful block.

    Initially, I had no idea what the hell this did considering I couldn’t get it to activate in “The Lab”. However, I realized that it does activate, but is more so timing based on Shaggy’s sandwich and is pretty much fine with everyone else’s projectiles; but it has major drawbacks and seems useless to have as a perk.

    First off, it creates little parenthesis-style blockers on both sides of Wonder Woman when she dodges a projectile. These will destroy the projectile and add meter, and you know you have it when a cooldown star appears below Wonder Woman. These are oddly specific, as it almost feels like a parry in its nature. You cannot dodge early and have a barrier appear around you that thwarts incoming projectiles, it simply destroys them and adds an insignificant amount to your Bracer Meter. You actually have to time the dodge to get the effect, so what’s the use of something as pinpoint as this when you could simply use “Clear the Air (Neutral dodging destroys projectiles)” as a perk instead? Speaking of, if your ally has “Clear the air” on, it takes priority over Shield of Athena if you neutral dodge.

    What they need to do to fix this is make Wonder Woman glow to indicate that this is activated. Give it a period of 5 seconds or so for her to eat a projectile, then allow it to have a cooldown afterwards. Right now, it’s a pretty useless perk adding to a pretty useless attack and mechanic (Bracer Meter & Amazon Shout). If you really want a dodge to destroy projectiles, use Clear the Air instead.
  • Grapple of Hermes – Wonder Woman’s lasso will grapple lightning out of the air and pull her to its location.

    This move can be used as an additional recovery option when off stage, but the problem still lies in the core lasso’s mechanics. Also, while it will briefly apply the “Shocked” status effect to your opponent for a second, Wonder Woman will fly right past opponents if she doesn’t hit them on the tip. This should drag any opponent forward with her so she can combo them, something similar to Garnet’s “Gem Dash” special move.

Wonder Woman is the only character in MultiVersus I really enjoy, but right now she is definitely underpowered when compared to her fellow Tanks and a lot of the other casts. She’s lighter than a lot of the other characters, which doesn’t make sense as a Tank is suppose to have survivability and armor on their side. Superman and Iron Giant have TONS of armor on multiple moves, while Wonder Woman has a measly amount, damage, and poor speed and hitboxes in comparison. I believe Diana can be a great character, but definitely going to need some improvements to pull her up to standard. I am excited that buffs for her are already on the way whenever the next patch comes (I’m thinking when Season 1 officially drops), but we will see.

For those of you who also main Wonder Woman or play her, let me know. Do you agree with these buffs? Disagree? Have something else you feel should be added? Let me know!

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