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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba | 1st Episode Impressions

This article uses information that may be considered a SPOILER. Please understand that reading beyond this point may cause you to learn about things you may not have known about if you are not knowledgeable on the topic. You have been warned.
 1st Episode Impression 

Gruesome scene of family slaughter

I have heard good things about Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba from many people; denizens on the internet, co-workers, and even close friends.  I was actually sent the first manga to review from VIZ Media back before an anime was even in the works.  However, I was not able to review it due to my website acting up and being quite depressed.  I am back on my grind now and wanted to check how things went.

The first thing I will say is that the character design is splendid; I loved the look of all characters shown and that could be in part by how they were drawn.  The animation is seamless, I love even basic effects like the snow falling or the careful movements which leave footprints in the heavy snow.

Also, I love the initial atmosphere that was set and how daunting things were from the very beginning.  You have the main character, Tanjiro, who acts a big brother to tons of siblings who look up to him and adore him.  Townspeople also absolutely love him, including a lonely man who lost his entire family and wanted to put him up for the night to avoid roaming packs of “Demons”.  Though, this ominous sign was a surefire tell of things to come.

The panic that happens afterwards, the gruesome scene that Tanjiro walks into, was absolutely gorey and a sight that would shock anyone.  You get to see the resolve and quick-wittedness of the main character from how, despite the murderous scene before him, he still had the presence of mind to try and save his little sister Nezuko since she was the only one who still clung to life.  Moreover, he instantly took the words of Gimu Tomioka to heart and attempted to save his little sister from being killed by the demon slayer in a cunning attack that took his own weakness into consideration.

I also like the very ambience and tone of the series set by the music, the atmosphere, and the hopelessness of the main character coupled by a strong ambition to survive.  The scene where Tanjiro and Nezuko’s family are crowding around our protagonist to apologize for leaving his sister within his care is tear jerking, one that immediately resonates with those who have ever lost a loved one.

The ending of the first episode set up the rest of the series; someone who would become a demon slayer in hopes of trying to find a cure for his sister.  I believe that what the series will come down to, and I believe the person who they are going to seek will train Tanjiro to become a master demon slayer in order to avenge his fallen family and find a way to get his sister’s humanity back.  I am eagerly looking forward to the rest of this series!

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