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1st Episode Impressions: RWBY Volume 3

RWBY is the tale of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Shao-Long, and Blake Belladonna.  They are huntresses-in-training, powerful defenders of their world from the evil forces that would seek to destroy it.  Volume 2 ended on a cliffhanger high note, many suspenseful things already being expected from the finale.  However, things are uncertain for Volume 3, and many feel the same as I do.
Monty Oum, the brilliant mind behind RWBY has passed away since the release of RWBY: Volume 2’s completion.  Without him at the helm, many are wondering what will become of the series and if it will be able to capture his what he envisioned his creation to be.  With Volume 3 upon us, it is as good of a time as any to see if his legacy will indeed carry on through the efforts of others.

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(From left-to-right) Yang Shao-Long, Weiss Schnee, Ruby Rose, and Black Belladonna.

Things start off on a high note, we are already within the midst of combat and it seems that a tournament is being held for multiple schools who train hunters and huntresses.  The rules of the tournament are broken down within a fashion that anyone can understand.  Beacon Academy’s Team RWBY (consisting of our leading ladies) were up against Haven Academy’s Team Auburn (consisting of Arslan Altan, Bolin Hori, Reese Chloris, and Nadir Shiko).  Already however, you can tell from the combat that is raging on that Monty Oum’s choreography is not present, things are not “amazing” enough in my opinion.  Even though Monty Oum favored animations with combatants who carried weapons, I always thought that his most amazing fight choreography was done when utilizing hand-to-hand combatants, such as Tifa vs Hitomi in his “Dead Fantasy: Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy” work.  The combat segment which featured Yang against Arslan was not nearly as impressive as I felt it should have been.  While it could just be me nitpicking minor details, things do not seem as lively and intricate as it was when he was at the helm…but I guess I should wait to see more fighting in order to state whether-or-not they did a good job.  Also, episode 2 will be a nice time to judge because it seems that it too will begin in the midst of combat.
The girls seem to all be getting along and seem to be happy about clutching their first victory.  They alluded to something going on with Weiss and her father, possibly due to the missed call she received and her credit card being declined even though she “barely was into her monthly allowance”.  This could or could not be a hint in the plot, but since her dad is rich and his main source of income is the very thing that Cinder’s Faction has been attempting to steal by alliancing themselves with the Fanus, it could very well be.   It also seems that the evil forces, Cinder’s Faction, are playing undercover and are still plotting against our heroines.  It also seems we will see a 2v2 doubles fight between Mercury and Emerald teaming up against Weiss and Yang, meaning we will see how strong they are in comparison to our protagonists.
Also, it seems that Beacon Academy’s Team Juniper (consisting of Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrah Nicos, and Lie Ren) will be taking on Shade Academy’s Team Bronze (consisting of Brawnz Ni, Roy Stallion, Nolan Poriirio, and May Zedong).  I have no idea what the other team can do, but I am very excited for this fight.  We get to see how far Jaune has come as a combatant, and my favorite character within RWBY (Nora Valkyrie) gets to show her stuff.  Moreover, this fight will give me a closer glimpse of the combatant sequences and weapon-crafting ability that will be present without Monty Oum’s creative genius at the helm.
Overall, I think that RWBY: Volume 3 has gotten off to a pretty decent start.  Things were not as high octane as I would have really liked, but they have set the stage for something grander and have already alerted us to the antagonists’ desire to rid themselves of Team RWBY.  Also, this episode happened to be 17 minutes long, even better than the increased times that we saw from RWBY: Volume 1 to RWBY: Volume 2.  Increased production time has really paid off in terms of what they are able to do I am guessing.  All-in-all, not bad in the least, I only hope this trend continues.

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