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【KOFXV】King Character Trailer

The 12th trailer for The King of Fighters XV features none other than King. We all know her from previous games, she’s a mainstay and is typically apart of the women’s team which features herself, Mai Shiranui, and a plethora of other characters (though the new character Alice was part of the squad in KOFXIV). Interested to see what they have for us as far as the trailer goes.



One of the first things I realize is that they brought back one of the stages from Art of Fighting 2. It actually looks amazingly great and is probably the best stage thus far revealed for The King of Fighters XIV.

As far as King herself, I do not believe her aesthetic has EVER looked better. While I think some characters may have looked more cool in The King of Fighters XIII, which I have pointed out before, they have outdone themselves with King. She keeps her tomboyish appeal while simultaneously keeping her femininity; she looks absolutely beautiful. More so than that, her “baby” line is delivered flawlessly. I have always been a big fan of King, but now I’m definitely fanboying over her.

I am not too excited over her fighting style; I’ve always loved the backflip into the kicks, though the super where she kicks and flips into more kicks has NEVER looked good to me. Sure, I understand that’s one of King’s signature moves, but I think it needs to be changed as it looks absolutely ridiculous. I do think her Neo Max looks better since they took away the dynamic camera shots, so that’s an improvement I’m cool with. Overall, I’m excited for her; she has a nice fighting style and combos, just not too excited about her super but I’ll make it work.

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