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This site has been getting a lot more active lately, however, it has not been active enough for my taste.  My goal is to make sure that I turn it up a notch and start getting back to some of the roots of 
You can view everything after the jump, also a separate section discussing things that will be effecting my YouTube channel and Twitch live streams.

 September 2016 General Site Update 

I have been doing fairly well lately.  I have did reviews for both Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- and The King of Fighters XIV.  Both are fighting games, which are niche genres, but what is more important is that they retail for a full $60.  This is the first time I have been able to get games that are not indie or lesser, they are relatively mainstream games that have been coming out for years from well-known companies (Arc System Works and SNK).  Meaning that I am finally beginning to break into the mold for acquiring AAA games without having to actually buy them to review myself; that is a long way from where I was previously.
On the other hand, those games ARE within a genre that not a lot of people play, at least not as much as things like “First Person Shooters”.  Requesting some of the bigger games, such as Gears of War 4, which is guaranteed to sell millions of copies right out of the gate might prove to be incredibly difficult since my “page views” on my website are not exactly where they should be.  While they could definitely be higher if I put out more content and marketed it around, I have been quite lazy about things, even while ramping up work.  While I am certainly doing better on that avenue than some of my friends who also review, I am also not beating those whom I should be beating.
Something I pride myself on is the ability to provide quality content on whatever I write.  I type at least 140 WPM (on speed tests for typing), but that is while copying something.  Coming from my mind, I can probably easily break the 150-160 words-per-minute mark, meaning that I can write long and detailed posts without having to worry about it taking me a long time to do.  I can research, find a lot of things out, and still make a decent article in a timely fashion, which is a weapon that most people are not really in possession of.
The only thing I need to do no is pull myself away from my gaming so much (especially since I have a Xbox One and a Playstation 4 now) and begin to tend to more.  I remember back when a few people said that this site was their main source of information, it made me proud, but I need to continue to do things that I will be able to boast about.

I will begin to pour myself more into the roots with, that means a lot more anime and manga are en route.  I am going to be trying to get out more content in regards to Japan’s most popular medium in the upcoming weeks.

 YouTube and Twitch Update 

I remember some years ago when I had first started taking a real interest in YouTube and Twitch, I just did not have the means to do either one well.  I was still playing on a TV that was 360-480p, using a dazzle to record game play that was fuzzy.  My connection speed was so brutally low that I could not stream, and if something was 100 MB that I recorded (video file), it would take about 5-6 hours to upload to YouTube.  I either had to let it upload while I was sleeping and hope that the connection did not break at some point and time, or I had to take it to work and upload it in the computer within my breakroom since their 7MB download/upload speed was way more than my measly 3 MB download / 0.5MB upload connection.
Fast forward into the present, I am currently using a connection which allows for 200 MB download / 20 MB upload and I am not utilizing it.  I use to try so hard to upload footage and I did so more regularly than I do now, despite the fact that it is a lot easier to do so now than back then.  I ask myself, “Why?”, and the reason that pops up is clear; it is the very same reason that also has been prohibiting my website from growing larger.  The reason you might guess is a lack of passion, a lack of drive, and a lack of seeing something that is obtainable.  Simply put, I do not want to fail, and therefore I do not try, that is simply me running away.
I am going to be productive by livestreaming whenever I am playing a video game, I am also going to make sure that I export all footage to YouTube when I do so.  I am also going to start making voiceover commentary with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s built-in video editing software.  While it will not be as great as if I could record video and do everything sound-wise on my own, it is better than nothing and everyone has to start somewhere.

I hope you all are looking forward to what it is coming!

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