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One Punch Man Season 2 | Episode 7 Impressions

This article uses information that may be considered a SPOILER. Please understand that reading beyond this point may cause you to learn about things you may not have known about if you are not knowledgeable on the topic. You have been warned.

Suiryu charging at Saitama

A little bit of everything was in this episode; we got to see the terrifying strength of Tatsumaki once again, more into how the “Monster Association” operates, and the conclusion of the martial arts tournament that Saitama disguised himself as Charanko to enter.

Tatsumaki came to help out a group of heroes who were fighting a massive monster, she easily defeated it and went off about her business.  I believe this scene was not to display the A-Class heroes or even the one S-Class hero was there, rather to show why “Terrible Tornado” is ranked as the 2nd best hero and how far above she is even among those ranked as elite.  When you compare Tatsumaki to her sister, it is very easy to see why her imouto is jealous and resorts to the undermined tactics of intimidation to control the B-Class of heroes.

After the fight between Garou and Metal Bat, we saw the former walk away since it is clear he has a fondness of children and did not want the S-Class’ heroes little sister to get injured; he even went out of his way to fight the monsters who invited him to the “Monster Association” to protect them.  While I originally thought the existence of the Monster Association was a farce to lure Garou into a trap, it seems that it was actually real.  We know now that their army is coming from having people ingest monster cells and turn into abominations to do the bidding of the “Monster King”.  Seems as though Atomic samurai and his group of swordsmen are going after them, but that is sure to end up poorly.

The conclusion between Saitama and Suiryu went as we thought; with Saitama exploding because of an insult to heroes which made him forget his facade and focus on teaching the arrogant martial artist respect for heroes.  We saw Saitama react this same way when he defeated Deep Sea King and everyone began to talk badly about the defeated heroes when they saw how easily Saitama beat him in comparison to those that had lost.  Also, the fact that we see how terrifying Suiryu actually was when he got serious showed the level at which Saitama actually is, we still do not know the limits of his power or durability.

Overall, this was a good episode for One Punch Man’s second season.  I hope that action sequences that can take your breath away are up ahead.  I have heard that lots of things were already cut out to get more towards the action, and as long as I can understand what is going on, I do not mind getting to the fights faster.  I want to see how much power Saitama unleashes and want to see him in action more.

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