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ONINAKI | Daemon Trailer Impressions


In ONINAKI, players will journey as Kagachi, a young Watcher who embodies the tenets of reincarnation, and whose sacred duty is to usher Lost Souls into the next world. Upon meeting Linne, a mysterious young girl with no memory of her past, his fate becomes entwined with blood and death. During his journey, players will also meet Kushi, an exemplary Watcher and trusted leader, Mayura, a Watcher with a kind heart, and the malicious Night Devil, a swordsman from a forgotten time who is hunting Linne.



SQUARE ENIX® today introduced a variety of Daemons that will assist the player in battle in ONINAKI ™, the upcoming all-new action-RPG developed by the talented Tokyo RPG Factory™ team.
As players journey as Kagachi, a young Watcher who ushers Lost Souls into the next world, they will bond with and harness the power of Daemons, a special type of Lost Soul who could not be reincarnated. These powerful souls will assist the player in battle, with each Daemon representing a different weapon type. Players will be able to manage their Daemon’s skills and switch between them in real-time to deal devastating blows to their enemies with unique attacks and power up skills.


I never heard about ONINAKI before I got this e-mail about the latest trailer, and the artwork alone for the trailer had me interested about it.  Personally, I thought the artistry they chose for the in-game aspect, as well as the gameplay, looks simply beautiful.

The gameplay itself looks like it could be fun, but it appears a bit lackluster and not as flashy as I would hope it would be.  However, I believe the aspect of these games that are enjoyable are actually playing them and not watching them.

The different classes are amazing looking, each one having things that are specific to them and being able to switch on the fly will make for interesting counter choices.  

To be honest, the only thing that surprised me about the game was that the “daemons” were not actual characters you can switch to mid-game, but acted more so like souls which enabled the main character (Kagachi) to use their powers.  I figured you would be able to play as them but that is not the case.  Still, does not take away my excitement for this game.

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