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God Eater 3 — Features Trailer Impressions


This latest entry of the GOD EATER action-RPG series will include a robust character creator, brand new giant enemies to slay alone or with a group of allies, all-new weapons and dynamic battle mechanics, engrossing storyline, as well as dual Japanese and English voice acting. GOD EATER 3 will launch on February 8, 2019 throughout the Americas for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC via STEAM®.


I feel like, as a features trailer, this was not very good.  While they showed that you can “Customize”, “Transform your weapon”, and “Assemble your team”, in addition to “Defeat Powerful Aragami” they did not really show how these features were going to be implemented.

  • CUSTOMIZE — that they showed off how you were going to do that; is there a mode specific for customization?  What are the options you will have to pick from?
  • TRANSFORM YOUR WEAPON —  For those new to the series…did you get to pick what your weapon is going to transform into or are those determined like how in Monster Hunter World a “Switch Axe” will switch between Sword and Axe states?
  • ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM — Was this going to be something along the lines of online multiplayer?  If so, how is that going to work for the story aspect of the game?  Is there going to be an online multiplayer mode on top of everything else?

I feel like they had a real chance to include, in great detail, everything that they planned to release in God Eater 3 where as the game was concerned.  This trailer, even if stumbled upon, should have been enticing enough for someone to see it and instantly be curious about what they game was offering and delved full-on into searching for more information.  Instead, you got a very barebones description that could easily be overlooked by someone who may not be interested in the game play that they say.   I feel like they should have detailed things better, especially in a trailer that was showing off features (there was absolutely no description).

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