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Soul Calibur VI | Amy Revealed

Official Amy reveal trailer

Amy, along with DLC#3, releases on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019.


Amy is a character I know well from Soul Calibur IV, she was supposedly one of the best characters in the game and someone I had an immense amount of trouble dealing with due to the speed and reach of her rapier.  I am not surprised that she had made her way back into the fray considering how much of a fan favorite she is, though I have never been partial to her myself.

As far as appearance, she is quite cute; I find the whole lolita/doll look to be all right.  Though her personality is awfully bland, and I have never been much for monotone, emotionless characters.  Though, her winning quote “Hope only brings disappointment and yet…I live, as not to lose” has a bit more “umph” in it towards the end of that quote.

As far as her play style, I do not know too much about the comparisons, but it is obvious some things about her has changed.  I heard many people say she felt more-or-less like a better version of Raphael in Soul Calibur IV, hopefully she will have more of her own identity here.  Though, overall I do not care much for her play style or even her critical art.

She is not a bad addition and people are happy for her, I just hope I eventually get Setsuka at some point.  Though, that might be unlikely seeing as though we have Amy on the list of DLCs that got leaked a while ago for Soul Calibur VI.


Official character illustration

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