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TEKKEN 7 | Julia and Negan Reveal


Negan and Julia Chang will be released simultaneously on February 28th, 2019.

Official Julia & Negan Reveal Trailer

If there is anything that can get me back into TEKKEN 7, it is going to be Julia Chang. This girl was part of my team in TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2, and I was always interested in her fighting style, which appears to be a mix of pro wrestling and Chinese kung-fu.

One thing I was surprised about was Julia’s look; I never expected her to be so “Save the Earth!” in her appearance (mainly because of the “Deforestation” shirt she wears).  To be fair, she does look like a very hippy nerd, but in a cute way.  It is very modern compared to her “classic” look, and the pro wrestling moniker of “Jaycee” she took up in Tag 2.  Also, her personality is surprisingly bubbly and cutesy, though it still retains her indian heritage by saying things like “Thank you, spirits”.

Her playstyle seems largely the same, though some moves properties have changed I am sure. I cannot vastly comment on this part since it has been a while since I played her, I just wish they would have showed off a few of her grabs to see if she retained her wrestling flair. Also, something I was worried about the entire time the trailer was going was how her Rage Art was going to look; it is good!  Definitely something I can see myself using, though I do not like how she says “Twisting Arrow Cannon!!” before doing the shoulder charge.

Definitely going to be someone I am curious about playing, might just have to pick up TEKKEN 7.


Never watched AMC’s The Walking Dead, so I had no idea who Negan was.  I looked up the iconic scene from the show that his stage is based on, and I must say that he seems really deranged and cruel.  Something sadistic about him is shown from how he plays, and he even mimics this in some of his actions.  I especially like him saying “shit!” so often, fits him.

His look, first off, seems a tad bit awkward in TEKKEN 7 seeing as he is based off an actual person.  Little details he is going to have that is lifelike compared to the rest of the cast stands out some, like he is a real person.  I am sure that they left some details off when creating their fictional universe so they do not look entirely like real people, we have this strange degree of separation with him compared to the rest of the cast (at least I think so).

Negan’s fighting style is very simple, I have even heard people say he reminds them of another “Miguel” type character.  I can agree to an extent, they certainly made Negan fun to play as in how he appears from the bat counters and his relaxation in his actions.

Also, I really like some of the easter eggs they threw in; such as him saying “Don’t ask me for shit!” which is something Harada (the producer of TEKKEN) is known for, as well as Negan forcing our beloved producer to put him in at the same time as Julia Chang.


Official Character Illustration

Official Character Illustration

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