Chun-Li is often known as “The First Lady of Fighting Games” since her debut in Street Fighter II.  She is known as “The Strongest Woman in the World” within the Street Fighter universe and has a back story that has her seeking revenge on the man that murdered her father, M. Bison (Vega in Japanese).  She is an agent working for the international police force known as Interpol (ICPO), often seen teaming up with Guile, Cammy, and other heroes within the cast of Street Fighter.  Her attacks originate in Kung-Fu, being taught by her father and the Assassin named Gen.  She uses a series of powerful kicks as her main attack method and are known for their deadly accuracy and speed.



 NOTE  — The artist of this work is RossDraws

Chun-Li is a character I never really played outside of Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, mainly because I am someone who is known to be a Cammy fanatic.  However, I have always had a soft spot for Chun-Li despite me never really playing her in any of the games she was in.  Over the years this lady as grown on me primarily because of her determination against M. Bison, her rivalry with Juri once the antagonist was introduced in Street Fighter IV, and her roles in the Street Fighter animated movies (Primarily Street Fighter Alpha: The AnimationStreet Fighter II: The Animated Movie, and Street Fighter IV: Juri Han OVA).  Not to mention cute lines like “You wanna see my Kung-fu?  I’ll show you!” definitely help her overall factor (not to mention I was a fan of her standard peace sign victory pose back in Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III).

The biggest draw I have to the character has got to be the aesthetics however, especially when I developed a digital crush during the Street Fighter III series due to her sprite design looking the best it ever has.  Her biggest characteristic when it comes to physical appearance is her thighs, they are always drawn intentionally big in proportion to her body (and normal body measurements) to show why her kicks are powerful (not to mention who does not love “thicc” thighs?).  They are particularly good looking when paired with certain outfits such as her Street Fighter Alpha costume in both Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, in addition to her “Training Costume” (my favorite outfit for her ever) in V designed by Akiman.  I must say that her design has spawned amazing artwork, such as those done by “Artgerm” and “RossDraws”, which have did two of my favorite pieces of art for Chun.

In the end, Chun-Li is a character that is at the forefront for fighting game women and she is hard not to like; great personality, cool aesthetic, and she paved a way for other digital women when it comes to brawling.  I hope she continues to get love and support and gets more unique designs as the life of Street Fighter as a fighting game and as a franchise continues to move forward.