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OVERWATCH — D.Va “Shooting Star” Animated Short Impressions

OVERWATCH has released a new animated short for its Korean professional gamer hero, “D.Va”.  While we have had a myriad of other shorts, I am quite surprised it took this long for us to get one for arguably one of the most popular heroes in the entire game and essentially to the e-Sports meta.  At the very same time, I suppose they wanted to put together something that made D.Va have as much reason as anyone to fight against injustice.

Before I actually watched this short, I had no idea what to think going in since normally we are greeted with intense backstories and are often up to new sides to the characters.  Seeing as as this hero is a professional gamer, I wanted to know exactly why she is piloting a mech and what type of story she could have which influences her to join OVERWATCH to begin with.


 Shooting Star 


  IMPRESSIONS  — To be perfectly honest, I was pleasantly surprised by how much respect I earned for Ms. Hana Song after watching this trailer.  It shows that despite being within the limelight and having popularity from her feats as a mech pilot and a professional gamer, Hana still understands the responsibility resting upon her shoulders and that her failure is everyone’s failure.  I find this to be especially true since she is a gamer, often times (especially in team-oriented games), leaders will often work especially hard because they understand their performance could make or break the entire team so they strive for perfection.

One thing I did expect to see, which I did not, is shots of her winning professional gaming tournaments or anything related to her decision to venture into that hobby.  Also, while she is a mech pilot and seems capable of fixing her own robot, we do not get any glimpses on how she acquired that level of mechanical prowess outside of a mention of working on a friend’s hoverbike with him before a big race when they were younger.  I appreciate the fact she is dedicated to her craft and is willing to sacrifice her freetime to be the best defensive line she can be, I would have liked to know more about what shaped her into who she is.

All-in-all, I think this animated short is 100% fine for D.Va.  Sure, “Shooting Star” does not further the story of OVERWATCH much and nor does it give a backstory about how D.Va exactly came to be who she is, but it tells enough about Hana for us to know she is a good person and takes her job seriously.  In fact, she probably even told the media to lie about her “not having a scratch” after that explosion in order to put the public at ease while she recuperates with what appears to be several abrasions, lacerations, a broken leg, and a broken arm.  I got so much more love for this character, but I wish her “playful” side we often see in her mech would have came out to play at some point, that is my only qualm as she was entirely too serious about her job comparative to her in-game persona would lead you to believe; but that is perfectly fine.

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