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Top 5 Tuesday | Characters Wanted for TEPPEN

TEPPEN is the new mobile-based card game by CAPCOM and Gungho Online Entertainment Inc.  This game features many characters from CAPCOM franchises in their actual cards, but also in the “Hero” roles.

The Hero is more-or-less TEPPEN‘s version of Magic: The Gathering‘s Planeswalker.  Each one of TEPPEN‘s heroes features three unique “Hero Arts” which can be picked or changed when assembling a deck of 30 cards.  These Hero Arts are then activated by playing cards until you have gathered enough AP. 

We currently have a total of 9 heroes currently; Ryu, Rathalos, Megaman X, Chun-Li, Morrigan Aensland, Dante, Albert Wesker, Nergigante, and Jill Valentine (who was just added in in TEPPEN‘s version 1.1 update).

For this Top 5 Tuesdays post, I am going to be telling you the 5 characters from CAPCOM franchises that I want added in as heroes at some point in the future.


Ayame and her Power Change form from Power Stone

Ayame was my main character from the Power Stone series, a game that released on the Sega Dreamcast.  While I understand that Edward Falcon might be the representative if they ever did choose someone (he is the main character of Power Stone afterall), I cannot help but to hope they would put my girl in there.  

Ayame is an upbeat performer in a traveling troupe with her family, as well as being a descendant of a strong line of ninja.  I think she would be an amazing addition if she were to be added to TEPPEN.


Appearance in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Nemesis is the most iconic monster from the Resident Evil series in my opinion.  In fact, I think that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the best within the entire series due to how nemesis pursued you relentlessly and the helplessness you felt when he was targeting you.

While I only played him a bit when he was put both into Marvel vs Capcom: 3 and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, he was always a character I had fun watching others play and is something I have always considered to be the coolest zombie made by CAPCOM.  I like him far better than Wesker, and is definitely one of my favorite CAPCOM antagonists.


Nero as he appears in Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 5 just enjoyed a ton of success with Nero being one of the main characters; he was definitely a joy to play with and I am looking forward to how he acts in any upcoming Devil May Cry games.  I say this because it feels as though the mantle is being handed off to him with Dante possibly not being the centre of the series any longer.

TEPPEN does not have a card for Nero despite him being one of the main characters in Devil May Cry, I think they are waiting for a future expansion to do.  If they do, I would love if they would choose the Devil May Cry 4 version of him to be the representative since they chose that version for Dante as well.  I just want to be honest, I enjoy his Devil Bringer arm rather than the prosthetics he wields in Devil May Cry 5.

 Monster Hunter 

Monster Hunter as she appears in Marvel vs Capcom: infinite

While Monster Hunter is the title of one of CAPCOM’s best selling series, it is also the name they gave to their representative in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite; a female hunter donning Rathalos armor.  Even though we have both Nergigante and Rathalos representing dragons and wyverns in Monster Hunter, we do not yet have a representative of the people that hunt them.

I feel Monster Hunter’s story could easily be intertwined with Rathalos, having the wyvern possibly be enraged by the armor she is wearing.  Perhaps the hunter is heading to the land of Illusion on the search for the elder dragon Nergigante in order to make the best armor available?  I believe she would be a great addition nonetheless.

 Cammy White 

Aside from Chun-Li, Cammy White is definitely amongst my favorite Street Fighter characters and was my favorite for a period of years.  Hell, I even wrote a Waifu Crush Wednesday post about her in the past (as I also did with Chun-Li).  While I only really enjoyed her in the “versus” games as opposed to “Street Fighter“, I still loved her as one of my favorite fighting game female characters.

I feel that Cammy would create a good style opposed to Chun-Li, as Cam is more offensive and Chun is more space control and defensive.  I feel this would create a great balance of Street Fighter female representation within TEPPEN and also add one of my top picks into the roster.

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