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【Apex Legends】Meet Valkyrie Trailer

Finally Apex Legends developers at Respawn decided to grace up with a trailer that focuses solely on the brand new legend, Valkyrie. We know for a fact that she’s the daughter of a prominent figure in Titanfall 2, and contains easter eggs regarding that fact (and the main reason that Season 9 is called “Legacy”.

I’ve embedded the trailer below so you can check it out. Afterwards I’ve also included my thoughts to tell you what I preemptively feel about our new legend; feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments below!



First thing I want to talk about is her appearance; I do not like it much at all. Valkyrie reminds me heavily of Pharah from OVERWATCH; mostly to her suit’s design, VTOL Jets passive, and her Missile Swarm Tactical. I think her default look is very plain and unappealing, and I am hoping that her legendary skins are more appealing than those of legends that were released in more recent seasons (Rampart, Horizon, and Fuse all had TERRIBLE legendary skins).

As far as a character, Valkyrie looks like she could be a decent pick. Her VTOL Jets passive definitely looks like it could leave you as a sitting duck if used wrong, however, it adds another layer of mobility and could be troublesome when combined with the highly mobile options in Apex Legends. We know that movement is king within this game, which is why characters like Pathfinder and Horizon continue to find success and Rampart continues to struggle due to her “setup and defend” nature (I should know, I main her). Missile Swarm seems to me like a miniature version of Gibraltar’s “Defensive Bombardment” ultimate ability, and will possibly function better than Fuse’s “Knuckle Cluster” tactical. Though, the real kicker is going to be her ultimate.

Valkyrie’s Ultimate “Skyward Dive” is pretty good as far as ultimate’s go; while it will not be super useful within the middle of a close range fight, it will help you in many other situations. First off, if you’re stuck within the shield or someone is trying to prevent you from getting out of one, you do not have that problem. If someone is in an area that’s usually only accessible by Octane’s Jump Pad, Pathfinder’s Zipline, or Horizon’s Gravity Lift…you can bring the entire team there. If you’re in a bad position strategically and need to get past another team, you can simply dive past them. It’s a multi-use ultimate that has life-saving and tactical positioning advantages.

Also, I’ve seen both of her Finishing Moves (one where she walks on an oponent’s back and stomps their head, the other where she uses her VTOL Jets to burn an opponent). I am not a fan of EITHER of them. I am hoping she has three abilities, and that the one we did not see is a great one. Maybe something like a german suplex where she picks them up, flies backwards, and slams them down…or maybe even something akin to “Secondary Lotus” that Rock Lee has from the anime Naruto; here’s hoping.

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