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Destiny’s “Trials of Osiris”, Thoughts on my First Playthrough

Trials of Osiris is a new Destiny event which focuses upon Fire Teams of three going into an elimination style Skirmish match.  You have to kill all enemies before they kill you, only your teammates can revive you, and you have to win 5 rounds of this in order to win a match.  Win 9 times or lose 3, either way your Trials Passage will be finish.  Also, only the best teams will have a record of 9-0 and have access to the “Lighthouse” for amazing rewards.  This is going to be my first experience in Destiny’s “Trial of Osiris” and what I think about it thus far.

  You Always Remember Your First  

My first match.  (This is my team, right-side, in order from left-to-right) FallenSamuraiGo, RoK the Reaper, Riot Trigger.

Destiny was a game that I had played since the day it was released, it has had its share of ups-and-downs, but overall I really love the game.  However, after everyone around me got a Gjallarhorn, even those that had played significantly less time than I have, I gave up and decided I would not play the game again until Expansion II: House of Wolves released.  That time is now and I got a Gjallarhorn during my first “Prison of Elders” run, not bad.  So, now it is on to better things and more hype and excitement.

My crew (Myself “RoK the Reaper”, Mr. Fury “FallenSamuraiGo”, and RaS “Riot Trigger”) had always played together since we first formed on Xbox 360, that only transitioned over when we began to play on the Xbox One.  We had all did fairly well in Destiny’s Crucible, often we were the best members of our team.  We had also did well in their other competitive multiplayer, “The Iron Banner”.  This time around, the stakes were going to be higher and we controlled our fates.  This was going to be a true test of our teamwork, we would have to pool together our individual talents to come up with a plan that would solidify our victory.  This was going to be even harder because we were all rusty from quitting the game until House of Wolves was released.  I was not expecting too much, but I at least wanted to put up a decent fight.

We all got ourselves equipped in the gear we would run with, be it our armor or weapons.  We had all classes assembled since our main characters each complimented our own play style (The funny thing about this though, neither one of us had the same class nor the same race of character, and we did it entirely without knowing.  I am an Exo Titan, RaS is an Awoken Warlock, and Fury is a Human Hunter).  We each wore matching armor shaders (Beowulf), and we hyped ourselves up, we were going in to represent “Those Who Hunt Darkness”, our clan to the fullest.

The first match we played started off great.  I scored the first kill with a headshot from my trusty sniper rifle, the special weapon I chose to pair with my exotic primary shotgun “Universal Remote”.  We began to fight ferociously in the next rounds, but we were down 3-2.  I remembered that once a team reached 3 rounds won that heavy weapon ammunition would drop for each side.  My entire team realized that we would have a better chance if we picked the best weapon in the game for this, “Truth”, and so we wiped out the enemy team effortlessly.  We fought long and hard, yet we were tied 4-4 in the final game.  Both of my teammates ended up dying and I was the only one left, I did not want to start this off with a loss, so I had no choice but to attempt to make something happen.  I am the reckless one in the group (“RoKless” as my friend Fury calls it), so I had to make the play.  I ended up killing the entire enemy team to clutch out a victory, effectively securing our first win in the Trials of Osiris.

Our ventures further did not go so well, we proceeded to win the next match but lost the rest of them.  We finished Trials of Osiris with a record of 2 wins and 3 losses.  FallenSamuraiGo purchased no “boons”, so his record was 2-3; I used a boon so that if I won my next match it would count as 2 wins, so my final record was 3-3; Riot Trigger used two boons, the same one I used and one that gives him one win automatically, so he finished at 4-3.  It was a learning experience to say the least.  I do not think we did bad at all considering we were all rusty, RaS had a strict time limit before we even started, and I had to go to sleep for work as soon as possible.  All things considered, we did pretty well, but we were all still frustrated that we did not do better, especially since we started things off 2-0. On the bright side, every single match we lost went the distance of 4-4, we never got shut out.

There are some things I noticed while I did play in Trials of Osiris though, things that I will have to make sure to take into consideration the next time around.  You will only play on “The Burning Shrine” on Mercury, and I feel like those who start outside of the shrine have the positional advantage.   Looking towards that area will be harder on opponents because of the blinding light that is caused when contrasting that area to the inside, making it tougher to score shots and keep track of an opponent.  Also, if you are fighting a team that is especially defensive, it makes it harder to corner them since there is so much room outside.  As far as weapons, I seen a variety of them all around, but the weapon that stood out most prominently is “Thorn”.  Now, if you did not read my article talking about how Thorn needs a nerf, this over usage proves that it is too good of a weapon for how easy it is to acquire.  Thorn was literally everywhere.  However, I do feel like the best weapon to use will be the upgraded “Vex Mythoclast”, simply because it was able to keep up with other primary weapons being behind them in damage in The Iron Banner and now that it is finally able to be upgraded it is ridiculous.

My team’s general plan from this is simply to work on our synergy by playing Crucible’s “Skirmish” match-type on days that “Trials of Osiris” is not available.  Understanding what we can do well and what our strengths are will aid us in covering our weaknesses.  I find that our most significant shortcoming is the fact that we are all good enough to be 1st place on the leaderboard if the others were not present, so we have a bit of an individual mindset instead of a team-based one.  Once we find how we should move and exactly what we should do, it is not a doubt in my mind that we will be one of the teams that makes it into the “Lighthouse” fairly often.

Thanks for reading my first experience with Destiny’s “Trials of Osiris”.  If you have any comments or tips that you would like to make, please do not hesitate to leave them!

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