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Top 5 Tuesdays: Anime/Game PVC Statues That I Want

Top 5 Tuesdays is a series that focuses on my top five anything on a given subject that is directly related to anime, gaming, or manga.

Being a huge fan of anime and manga, there is no doubt that I wish I could collect statues of some of my favorite characters, including statues that are well made and do justice to the original character.  Even though statues for anime and manga come in a variety of formats, (Hard Resin, Cast Iron, etc.) the most common one is PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride (A combination of plastic and vinyl).

I plan on becoming a collector in the future and I want to give you the Top 5 PVC statues I have on my list to get the second I am able to do so!

-[ WHY I WANT PVC’s ]-

As previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of anime and manga and it is one of the reasons this very site was founded; to express my huge interest in them.  When I am sitting at my computer typing away or even surfing the web I am normally listening to an Anime OST, J-Pop, J-Rock, or an English translated version of a previous Japanese only song (Such as “I Can’t Defeat Airman” エアーマンが倒せない ).  The fact is, I like listening to those things in order to get me in the mood to “work” on my website and being surrounded by PVC’s is another excellent way of motivation.  Think about it, some businessmen at large corporations have plaques and things directly related to their field and motivational pictures of their family to show why they go to work everyday, I have my nendoroids, posters, and PVC’s!

I also feel like it is a way to say that you really care about anime and manga, or even a particular character by having something that is physical for yourself and everyone else to see.  Inspiration is something you can never get enough of and I want as much drive as possible to continue working as diligently as I can on this website.

-[ TOP 5 Anime PVC Statues That I Want ]-

The statues you see below I have chosen based on different reasons (Which you will read beside the statue) and are top priority when I begin nabbing them for my collection.  So, without further adieu, these are the Top 5 anime PVC statues that I want!

#5 – Cammy White (キャミィ) 1/6 Scale PVC Figure by Yamato

Cammy White is my favorite Street Fighter character whom I began playing in Street Fighter II (But was more adamant with her usage through the duration of Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and the Street Fighter IV series).  She captured me with her pigtails, straight forward attitude, and how merciless she was under the control of Bison and going by “Killer Bee” as her code name (Think about to Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie when she assassinated a senator).

This PVC statue is my favorite among all of the other Cammy figures I have saw because I feel it accurately reflects her look, especially with the “Mission Completed Sir!” pose she has here.  This is by far the sexiest PVC of Cammy out of all the ones I have seen, and Yamato does good work so I was excited as soon as I saw his name along with Cammy.

Lowest Price on – $154.99

#4 – Dizzy (ディズィー) 1/8 PVC Scale Figure by Good Smile Company

Dizzy was not a character I played much in the Guilty Gear XX series because I was a “scrub” and thought she was extremely broken and overpowered (Those awards however, go to Slayer and Eddie) but I have always loved her character design.  A frightened girl with too much power, with the Grim Reaper and the Angel of Mercy as her wings, simply made of complete win.

This figure caught my eye because it is beautifully done.  I have not seen another figure made that is this high quality, it is simply one of the best if not the best figure I have ever seen in terms of accurate representation of the character it was made for.  The pose is also done very well, for both Dizzy and both of her wings.

Lowest Price on Amazon – $209.95

#3 – Super Sonico  ( すーぱーそに子 ) 1/7 PVC Figure by Orchidseed

Super Sonico is the mascot of the Nitroplus company’s (Made in 2007) for the annual Nitro Super Sonico Music Festival.  Since she is the mascot of that music festival she has become really famous and even had her own video game “Communicating with Sonico“.  I had seen this character in many places but did not know who she was initially; she had headphones which I simply adore on girls but nothing really beyond that sparked my interest…until I saw this figure of her made by Orchidseed.

This figure embodies a lot of my personal fetishes when it comes to the world of anime and manga.  First off she has a “Nude Apron”, she has headphones, she has “Shimapan” (Striped Panties) and they’re the right color of light blue and angel white.  This figure is definitely one of my favorites ever.

Lowest Price on ebay (None on Amazon) – $255.46

#2 – Morrigan Aensland (モリガン・アーンスランド) 1/6 PVC Figure by MAX FACTORY

 Morrigan Aensland is the sexiest Vampire Savior character by far, and is probably one of the sexiest video game girls in the history of gaming (The fact that she is also a Succubus Demon allows your imagination to run wild!).  She was a character of mine in Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and currently is the leader of one of my teams in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.  When I spotted this figure a few years back I knew that one day I eventually had to get it for my own.

Max Factory puts out some good statues but I have to say this is one of their bests, and the best statue for Morrigan I have seen PERIOD.  This reflects the art style used for her in the CAPCOM vs SNK game series and she just looks so good.

Lowest Amazon Price – $768.40

#1 – Makoto Nanaya ( マコト=ナナヤ ) 1/7 PVC figure by FREEing

It is no secret that Makoto Nanaya is my favorite fighting game character of all-time and the character I have the most fun playing.  She’s also “Mai Waifu” and is my favorite female gaming/anime character of all time, so I have a bit of bias when it comes to her.

This figure by FREEing is not the most accurate representation of her, especially with how her tail is presented and the way they did her nose and eyes, but it is nonetheless the only figure of Makoto and they did a decent enough job (Though, the tonfa should also be bigger).  When it is time for me to pick up PVC’s and begin to decorate my little office space where I type at, this is going to be the #1 statue to nab before all the others.

Lowest Amazon Price – $154.99


Everyone has different hobbies and interests and everyone has something different that is able to motivate and move them to do what needs to be done throughout their daily life.  Having these things will continue to influence me to do my best and work hard; not forgetting what I love and motivate me to strive even further than what I originally believed I could do.  Sometimes when I am writing articles for my website, be it original content, news analysis, or reviewing something; I feel like I am shouting out into an endless void and just hoping someone hears me and replies back.  I want this being just simple aesthetic reasons for livening up my work environment, I want it to continue to push me forward.

These have been my Top 5 most wanted PVC Statues for Anime and Gaming.  Thank you for Reading. Sayonara!

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