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【GGST】Slayer Reveal Trailer

Better late than never! During EVO Japan 2024, we were given another trailer for GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-, in the form of the first character for the Season 3 Battle pass; Slayer. This is a returning character from the GUILTY GEAR series, and a fan favorite. While he was first teased not too long ago, seeing his gameplay in action was hype! Let’s discuss the trailer below.



One of the things that I am sure Slayer fans and players will be happy with is that he looks nearly identical to his counterparts. I mean that in the sense his design and his playstyle look very similar, while some Strive level changes will occur, you know it’s simply an adaptation for this iteration. I find this preferable than what they did to my previous main, Elphelt, who was completely redesigned both aesthetically and gameplay wise (which I believe both are inferior to the previous version).

I feel like he’s amazing in the sense they made him more expressive in what we always knew; he’s very much about his wife, he hits amazingly hard, and he’s “dandy”. They confirm his relationships as Nagoriyuki’s master, and he even has a super which turns him younger, making use of the fact he gains some additional buffs or perks for sucking blood.

This just makes me think that more fan favorites will be on the way; hopefully we get Jam, Dizzy, and possibly someone unknown to the gameplay series, such as Slayer’s Rival.

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