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Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon join Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS!

Everyone already knew from the start that we were going to be seeing more Fire Emblem characters, especially since Fire Emblem: Awakening had made such a big splash for the Nintendo 3DS (We have Marth and Ike representing already, but we normally see close to four characters per popular franchise).  It is also no surprise that we see the sole representative of the F-Zero franchise, the veteran fighter Captain Falcon, make his return (I say sole because no one else from F-Zero has made it as a character in a Super Smash Bros. game).  
Inside you are going to see screenshots, the new trailer (With my analysis of it), artwork of the new characters.  Go ahead and hit the jump to check out all the goodness that is waiting for you on the other side.

  Trailer Analysis and Impressions  
Checking out this trailer, I became aware of a few things from each of the characters that I will bring to your attention.  However, know that these are currently speculation only and will be my personal theory until verified by Nintendo on their play styles sometime in the future.
Lucina is Chrom’s daughter in the game Fire Emblem: Awakening, and int his game I believe her to be an alternate model for Marth.  The reason I say this is because she actually pretends to be Marth during the story line of FE:Awakening at one point and her moves are very similar to his in the trailer, including her Dancing Blade ending move (Which is also shared by Roy).  I am looking forward to this character, mainly because I prefer to main females and she also has the exact same birthday of someone I really adore, so that is cool.  However, I hope she is not a stand in for Roy, and I hope she is not another character slot that proves to be a slight alteration of Marth, that would be bad since I thought they wanted to remove “clone” characters from the game.

They also show Robin, who can be played as a male and female character (Because I believe this character can be customized within Fire Emblem: Awakening) which is similar to what they have done for Wii Fit Trainer.  Seems that he/she has three stances (If I am right), where he/she can cast magic from his/her book only, fight solo with a sword, and fight with his/her sword while also using the book.  Also, seems that if you rely too heavily on the book (Or cast a certain number of spells), then it disappears and he/she becomes a regular swordsman.

Not much is shown by the way of Captain Falcon, but I am thinking he will have his regular move set and improved properties.  While I think they have changed somethings around for him, I believe today was merely to focus upon the Fire Emblem characters joining the fray as brand new combatants.  Speaking of that, we can see Chrom at the very end saying, “I suppose I’ll get my chance…another day”.  Then it shows him being in a combination attack with Robin which I assume is Robin’s “Final Smash”.  Then again, they might be saving Chrom to release on another day and catch us all by surprise, especially since he is the hero of Fire Emblem: Awakening and direct descendant of Marth, why would he not be included?

  Lucina’s Screenshots  

  Robin’s Screenshots  

  Captain Falcon’s Screenshots  

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