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About and Contact Information!

こんにちは! Thank you for taking an interest in and the person behind it! Below you’ll find out more information about myself, my mascot, the website, and how to get in contact with me should you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints! ありがとう ♥


My name is Derek B, though my alias is “RoK the Reaper”, I’m a VTuber who’s primary interests are gaming, anime, and manga. The lore of my character is that he is an Interdimensional God of Death (Shinigami) who reigns as Supreme Overlord of the “Crimson Dimension”. The Crimson Dimension is a universe which he wiped out all life in an attempt to impress the original Goddess who bestowed upon him his powers. is a passion project, something meant give physical form to my love for all the things that concerns these interests that are near and dear to my heart. I want to put out news, interviews, editorials, and reviews concerning anything and everything related to gaming, anime, & manga. I wish to produce content that is both engaging, informative, and coated with my feelings and emotions. While I want to do my best to entertain those who love my work, first-and-foremost all of this is for myself as I want to express my point-of-view.


Bionca Lily is my brand’s original mascot. She was originally made to be as synonymous with as Hatsune Miku is to Vocaloid or Super Sonico to NITRO PLUS.

While I have become a VTuber since this website’s inception with a focus on making my avatar and logo more-so my brand recognition emblems; Bionca Lily will still make appearances and hopefully be someone who gains popularity as an icon different from the status quo.

Bionca Lily herself is a Daywalker, a half-vampire who possesses the power but none of the drawbacks (except she still craves blood). Finds herself a fan of gothic fashion, metal music, and anything geek related.


I can be contacted at the email below for all business, press, and other inquiries that you may have regarding myself,, or my mascot.

Please make sure that any questions regarding ads, sponsored blogposts, or any other business line-up with my website’s interests. Thank you.



If you want to follow me on any of my social media, please refer to the list of links below.

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About The Author

RoK the Reaper
A serious gamer & hardcore otaku who loves anything gaming, anime, or manga! I hope to bring you the best content for these subjects I love in the form of news, reviews, interviews, and in-depth editorials! さよなら!

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