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【RuriDragon】Sadness of Indefinite Delay

A while ago while I was browsing Facebook, I remember seeing someone post up the entirety of a one-shot manga known as “RuriDragon”. It was about a girl who wakes up one day with horns, different eyes, and unexpectedly breathes fire. Come to find out, her mother mated with a dragon (not a dragon demi-human, an actual dragon!) and that means she’s half. The entire thing is about her learning to deal with her newfound draconic traits, and more that may spring up due to the fact she’s in puberty and her dormant half is now taking flight.

This series behaved more-so like a “Slice-of-Life” manga than something you’d typically see. While the premise of “teenager discovers they have powers” is nothing new, the way it is woven into someone’s ordinary life with no present danger or great burden for them to carry was actually refreshing. Ruri’s father wasn’t some crazed dragon, but actually kind and sincere. Ruri’s mother was very accepting and behaving as if everything is normal, even when she sneezes and makes an entire fireball that nearly engulfed her classroom. I wanted more, but you couldn’t really expect more from a one-shot, could you?


While being inactive, I looked through my business email to find that RuriDragon was now serialized and the western release was being handled by VIZ Media! It was going to have chapters and an ongoing story, which made me extremely happy since I had already fallen in love with the main character and premise of the story. I was excited to see that the one-shot was essentially the opening chapters, but it had greater detail included that made it different and more expansive. However, that’s when things ended up going south.

Due to the Mangaka’s health, the series has been delayed indefinitely. While this means that they really don’t know how long it will be until things are back and running, that means there’s no real guarantee that it ever will. There is a very real chance that the 6 chapters of RuriDragon that we have are the only chapters of the story we will ever get, unless someone else takes up the helm, but that’s not likely at all since the story is still within its infancy. I don’t see a Berserk situation happening if the mangaka were to suddenly pass away or health declines to the point he is simply unable to keep-up with a weekly series, but that’s the reason I am hoping for the sunniest of outcomes. I get powerfully drawn to manga and anime I adore (such as Diamond no Ace and Hajime no Ippo), so I hate that I got attached to RuriDragon so early and then something unfortunate happens. The only thing I can do now is pray for the mangaka, Masaoki Shindo’s, swift recovery.


For those of you wanting to check out RuriDragon, the 6 available chapters (everything published so far), is available for FREE on VIZ Media’s official site. So those of you who want to read it, CLICK HERE.

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