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【GGStrive】Happy Chaos Starter Guide

A day before we’re do for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-‘s character DLC, they finally decide to drop the trailer! Unfortunately I was at work, so I didn’t get a chance to properly see it until now (and I’m trying to post this while my Uber is only 5 minutes away), but thankfully I was able to!


Honestly, I wasn’t all that hype before since I did not like the character, but he’s looking AMAZING to play! I think this character pretty much confirms that Elphelt Valentine will not be playable, the same way that Nagoriyuki pretty much confirms that A.B.A. will not be DLC. Sure, Happy Chaos’ gun-based movies are different than Elphelt, but I feel some things (such as his roll and Elphelt Sniper-type moves) he possesses are simply a rework of Elphelt’s kit in a way that’s not as overpowering.

Something I love about him is the ability to be free-flowing, something that I believe this iteration of the Guilty Gear franchise is missing. Things like being able to cancel out moves, use clones at the cost of life to create a barrier between you and an opponent, and the zoning archetype in itself was missing before Happy Chaos arrived. I feel he’s an Akuma type character, someone who has powerful options at the cost of something else (for Akuma it was life, for Happy Chaos it’s resource management). I think he’s going to be amazingly good, but like Nago, you’re going to have to properly learn how to micromanage his independent gauges (concentration and ammo) to make the most of him.

All-in-all, I cannot wait to try him out tomorrow!

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