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【Neptunia™ Virtual Stars】Launches March

Strike a pose with the Goddesses and V-Idols! We are excited to announce that the music-based hack ‘n’ slash game, Neptunia™ Virtual Stars, will launch for the PlayStation®4 physically and digitally in North America on March 2nd and in Europe on March 5th. The digital release for Steam® will launch on March 29th.

Both PS4 and Steam versions will only include Japanese voiceover options as well as English subtitles. The Steam version also includes Japanese and Traditional Chinese subtitles.

 Teaser Trailer 

 Battle System 
  • Toggle Between Characters in Real Time! — During battle, players can immediately switch between the Neptunia Goddesses and V-Idols! The Neptunia Goddesses fight using third-person shooter mechanics, while the V-Idols use hack n’ slash action mechanics. Take advantage of enemies by using the battle mechanic it is weak against!
 Battle Mechanics (Goddesses) 
  • Boost — All four Goddesses can use a skill called “boost” to swiftly evade attacks! Maintain distance from enemies to remain unharmed!
  • Tokimeki Flash — The Goddesses can use their bullets to purify the souls of the Antis! Every successful attack fills up the purification gauge to activate “Tokimeki Flash”. Once activated, players will be able to deal massive damage, receive less damage from foes, and stun enemies!
 Battle Mechanics (V-Idols) 
  • Step Charm — Players can activate a V-Idol’s “Step Charm” with a perfectly-timed evade to be temporarily granted unlimited MP!
  • Execution Finisher — When a player defeats an enemy with a V-Idol’s skill, “OVER FLOW” will be displayed on the screen. This will trigger the V-Idol’s “Execution Finisher”, an incredibly strong attack which also grants boosts to the player’s HP recovery and MP limit.
 Limited Edition 

The Neptunia Virtual Stars Limited Edition will be available for preorder on February 2!

It will be available for $109.99 and qualifies for FREE US domestic shipping.

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