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【GGStrive】I-No Character Trailer

At the second “Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable”, we were introduced to the final character joining the official launch roster for Guilty Gear -Strive-, I-No, the time traveling servant of THAT MAN who acted as the boss character for Guilty Gear XX.

 Official I-No Reveal Trailer 


Initially I thought our guitar-wielding time traveler  wasn’t joining the roster and would probably appear as DLC.  I say this because Giovanna’s silhouette trolled everyone into thinking she was originally I-No, only to disappoint her fans.  You can bet I was surprised, but wasn’t surprised, that Arc System Works wanted a mainstay who could bring hype as we are only a month and some change away from the official release of Strive.

The first thing you notice about I-No is that her appearance has changed, much like other classic mainstays within Guilty Gear -Strive- (Sol, Ky, May, etc.).  I am personally digging her new aesthetic as it keeps the “rocker” look she’s going for while keeping the “Guilty Gear” flare of being eccentric yet stylish.  While she has lots of little details, the two main things I noticed immediately was the wider brim on her hat and the green-tinted glasses she now wears.  

The play style they show for her seems very similar to how she has played in recent games, however, if you played the Strive Open Beta then you know looks cannot translate into in-game feel.  I am sure she plays vastly different despite things like special moves, her unique forward dash (which puts her airborne), and her air Overdrive looking the same as in previous iterations.  However, we do get a sneak peak at I-No’s new Overdrive, much like the teasers we saw when Ramlethal was first given to us.

While I have never played I-No before in any Guilty Gear game, I have always enjoyed her extremely rushdown heavy playstyle (which should fit well in Strive), and the general aesthetic of the character.  While her aesthetic looks better than ever, I might actually end up going for her when the game releases since I have always had a keen interest in I-No.  I can tell you one thing, April 9th can’t seem to come quick enough.  

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