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Bayonetta 2 Announced! What? It’s a Wii U Exclusive?!

Bayonetta ベヨネッタ is from the original creator of Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya.  It was no surprise that Bayonetta quickly became one of my favorite games of all-time and my own personal “Game of the Year” for its release in 2010. 
As soon as Bayonetta 2 was announced you would not believe my hype!  The game I have been waiting for is now finally a reality!…But that hype soon died as soon as I heard “exclusive” for the Wii U.  Yup, I said it and you have read it.

Read this article to find out why this is a great move by NINTENDO to nail this as an exclusive for their console, but why it could turn out to be a terrible choice by SEGA and Platinum Games.


I plan on referencing a few things that happened during the story of “Bayonetta”, the original game.  If you have not played and beaten Bayonetta in its entirety, I suggest you that you do so before reading the rest of this post as spoilers are bound to happen.  Thank you!

Return of the Umbra Witch!

Playing the demo off of Xbox Live (Which I grew to love) persuaded me to reserve the game and bide my time until it came out.  Bayonetta ベヨネッタ came out here in the United States in January 2010, grabbing it the very same day that it launched, I proceeded to play it and love each second of it.  I loved Bayonetta so much in fact that it was my first game were I scored 1000/1000 achievements and actively went back to beat it on each of its three difficulty settings and gain the “Sai-Fung” weapon which is obtained by completing 100 stages.

Above is the teaser trailer for Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2, which is very similar to the teaser trailer for the  Bayonetta ベヨネッタ trailer HERE.  Unlike the first one that shows her actually killing an enemy Angel, here her bullets are cut down by an enemy.  I will explain exactly what I think might be going on here in the section labeled “Storyline Speculation”.

Well Played NINTENDO, Well Played.

Promotional picture from the original “Bayonetta“.

Most would consider it a no brainer as to why NINTENDO would want  Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2  as an exclusive (Announced September 13th, 2012).  While many fans (Myself included) are angered that they will not be able to enjoy this installment on the system they originally played it on, you cannot help but to admire this move by NINTENDO.

NINTENDO is well-known for many things: The changes they have made with each system in terms of bringing something new to gaming (Innovation), the success of bringing beloved IP’s back in a fashion befitting of the new generation while reminiscent of the old (Incredible Games), and that the majority of its focus for  systems and games (While often timeless) is being aimed at younger audience (Family/Kid Oriented).  Many would argue that Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2 is a “Hardcore hack n’ slash” game that appeals to a very “niche” community, but has a cult-like following nonetheless.  And while this game sold over 1 million copies, it is no surprise that after its release many more people saw the beauty of the game and wanted to get it, making it one of the most desired hack n’ slash games to get a sequel. 

While NINTENDO is known for its variety of games that are lighthearted, many others, including myself find it hard as an adult to find things on a NINTENDO based console that can be as enjoyed on other systems (Lack of extra applications and uses, games that are often bloody and vulgar for instance).  However, NINTENDO is saying that we can do all of that and show signs of strong 3rd Party Support for the system already, something that the Wii was greatly suffering from (That and piracy due to the Wii Homebrew hack that allowed you to play any games you wanted by burning them to a DVD or burning arcade games to a SD Card, successfully making the Wii a “Flash” system you did not have to worry about because the online was nearly nonexistent).  Many people, including myself, would like to play Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2, and while it already has a decent line-up with Zelda, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and The Wonderful 101 (Also by Platinum Games), this might be enough to push some over the edge to buy it (Like me).  All-in-all, this was an excellent move by NINTENDO and adds more “Umf!” to its exclusive line-ups, because at the end of the day if you are going to be choosing a system and all of the games out are multiple platforms, the exclusives define the console.

Very Ballsy Move Mr. Platinum Games

The reason that I find this to be a very “ballsy” move by Platinum Games is very simple: Remember “MadWorldマッドワールド “?  It debuted on the NINTENDO Wii in February and March 2009 in Japan and USA respectively, and sold somewhere between the pitiful numbers of 300,000 – 600,000 copies between ALL regions (Which also included Europe and Australia).  NINTENDO Wii was  mostly a “Family fun” console, so it having a game, while innovative, revolved around blood, gore, and stylish points based on how brutally you killed an enemy was a no go.  So, with these sales numbers, why would they risk putting one of their best-selling, most-loved IP’s on a debuting NINTENDO console?  Well, very simple.

With the NINTENDO Wii being the first “Next Generation” console through the gate, they are betting that many people will buy it because it is the first system on the market, with Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2 being one of the titles appearing on launch or around it, and undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles with its announcement, they are hoping that close to everyone who owns a Wii will want to get the game and try it out; especially with the fan base it had developed previously, then again, it is very possible that they did not Bayonetta had such a huge fan base at all and might have been perplexed by the reactions most fans gave out from first impression of it being exclusive to the Wii (Platinum Games wrote a response to the announcement hate by original gamers on their company blog HERE).

The problem with this is that right now, Platinum Games is probably hated more than CAPCOM right now (I say this because a lot of people began to call Platinum Games the new “CAPCOM” after repeated failure in the eyes of gamer by CAPCOM and after Platinum Games reveal of them working on “Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance“).  Bayonetta was originally released on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3, both of which are now being alienated now that it is on a system it was never even allowed to be played on.  Many fans, including myself, are upset because we gave the series the small-following and success that it had and we are now being pushed aside now that a new NINTENDO console is coming out and we are no longer needed.  I for one, feel betrayed, disgusted, and very disappointed with Platinum Games right now, especially since their delay of Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchyマックス アナーキー) here in the United States.

This could go along greatly for them with being one of the “Must have” games on the NINTENDO Wii U, or it could face alienation and the very same problems that it suffered with MadWorldマッドワールド  because the target audience that they are gunning for just are not interested in a NINTENDO console (That and if they gained more of a following from people borrowing the game from friends or buying it second-handed, they will not gain the dollars of those gamers willing to buy Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2 new).  So, right now it is just something we will have to wait and see.

Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2 Storyline Speculation

Bayonetta and an unknown enemy

Seen at the very end of Bayonetta, she is seen fighting in the same fashion that she did at the very beginning of the game; this shows that she is still fighting the Angels even after the demise of “The Creator”, Jubileus.  Though, one has to wonder exactly how are you suppose to further on with a game after you have defeated the single-most powerful entity in the universe (In fact, the person who CREATED the universe and the planes of existence that everyone lives, including yourself; though, she did only have one eye of power and not total power because Bayonetta was saved by Jeanne).  Well, we have to think that there are even more powerful beings around, especially since she summoned Queen Sheba in order to slam Jubileus into the sun.

Something I noticed right from the start when looking at the Bayonetta 2 trailer and the Bayonetta trailer is that they are similar yet different.  First off, while they both start with shooting their guns at enemies, the very first trailer has Bayonetta shooting the guns with her hands as opposed to her feet in the second; not to mention the clock you see at the very beginning symbolizing “Witch Time” (When time is drastically slowed down) could be different.  Next off, while she actually kills an enemy in the original trailer, in the second game they are actually cut down by someone wielding a 2-sided spear type weapon who also seemed to be able to use some form of witch time. Also, when comparing the very end of the trailers, the guns she uses on her shoes are the same but the color is different with Bayonetta 2’s matching the logo (Just like the in-game colors for Bayonetta did in the first game).   Also, because SEGA is not involved, it is a high possibility that we may not see a return of the Angel’s as we know them because the “Rings” mechanic which I am sure they were paying homage to SEGA’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” may not see a return.

Something I also noticed is that the opponent, while gender is unknown, seems to be wearing White and Gold, which are the colors of the Lumen Sages, that of which I believed Father Balder and Father Rodin were the last ones of.  My speculation is that another group were monitoring Father Balder’s plans or actually put him up to the task of awakening Jubileus.  These “elites” of the Lumen Sages could have conspired for the fall of the Umbra Witches but now see it as something they have to deal with themselves with the defeat of Balder and a half-powered Jubileus’ defeat at the hands of Bayonetta.  I could see this coming to pass because Bayonetta got her fondness for lollipops from Luke (Who she called “Cheshire”), who she did not meet until later in the game but recognized it after Luke consistently gave her child self (Who called her grown-up self “Mommy”) lollipops to keep her happy and calm.  From this we can find that there is something  her along the lines of “time manipulation”, and just like “BlazBlue” the same thing could repeatedly occur in order to find an outcome where they win (The Lumen Sages), but they realize in order to do so they must intervene on their own behalf.

The Verdict

Part of me wish that there would be no Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2, as selfish as it is, because I will not be able to buy a NINTENDO Wii U on launch day and probably not for a very long time.  That and I am also upset I will not be able to continue the saga on the system I started it with. Bayonetta provided me with some of the best hack n’ slash action I have came across and was the first one I actually approved of since Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening on Playstation 2 (Which says a lot).  The game play was fun, the heroine was brilliant, and the fights were larger than life.  I am sad to see that it will probably be beyond my grasp for a while, and that I may have to resort to watching a “play through” of it like I did with God of War 3 for Playstation 3.

On the other hand, I am happy that it is a one-hit wonder and I fully believe in Hideki Kamiya and Platinum Games to get the job done of making it great and I applaud NINTENDO for helping to get the project out of the ground and going the extra mile to secure it as an exclusive for their system.

Thank you for reading this article on  Bayonetta 2 ベヨネッタ 2‘s announcement.  Arigatou and Sayonara!

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  1. "some form of witch time"? It's called light speed! Father Balder used it, the Lumen Sages used it and that new enemy used it!

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