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Rinoa Heartilly — Welcome to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT!

SQUARE ENIX® announced today that Rinoa Heartilly, the powerful resistance fighter from FINAL FANTASY® VIII, is now available as the third character in the Season Pass for DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY NT.

Rinoa brings a brand-new fighting style to the game, using her versatile Blaster Edge weapon to attack enemies from afar and protect her allies. She can also partner up with her loyal canine companion Angelo to disrupt her enemies’ attacks and keep her rivals at a distance. Rinoa’s unique EX Skill “Angel Wing” transforms her into a powerful sorceress, completely changing her move set and allowing her to wield powerful magic at the cost of reducing her HP over time.

Rinoa is available now as a standalone purchase, or as part of the Season Pass, which further includes Vayne from FINAL FANTASY XII, Locke from FINAL FANTASY VI and three additional unrevealed characters, each with two additional skins and weapons. More information about the Season Pass is available at:

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT and the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Season Pass are available now for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

The title is rated T (Teen). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

For more information, please visit: .


 Character Trailer 

  IMPRESSIONS  — Not going to lie, I was incredibly hyped when I read that Rinoa Heartilly was going to be in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.  I have never played Final Fantasy VIII, so I have no clue what her role is from the game she came from, just that I recognized her as the overpowered badass from the late Monty Oum’s fanwork “Dead Fantasy”, which pitted the Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive gaming franchises against each other.

From the description and what I am seeing, she is a zoner-type character who has a good range of offensive pressure.  However, it seems that when she transforms she grows into a Godlike magic user and becomes a real problem.  The offset to this is that her HP drains when she is in this mode, meaning that she will be more easily incapacitated, which is more-than-likely Square Enix’s trade off to her having that unfathomable power (though this could be something discussed within the actual Final Fantasy VIII game, I have no idea).  Anyways, she looks like an interesting character and I bet everyone else is looking forward to her as well!

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