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Battlefield V — Reveal Trailer, Screenshots, and Impressions

Battlefield V was revealed yesterday, and it had a trailer to accompany it.  Myself, I did not really care for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal, so I was hoping that Electronic Arts and DICE felt like giving me more of something I can sink my teeth into.  Traditionally, I have always liked the Battlefield games over the Call of Duty games, mainly because the chaos and feeling of destruction all around you really got me going and I am sure that Battlefield V is just going to bring more of the same on October 18th.

I will embed the official trailer below for those of you who have not yet seen it as well as the boxart and some screenshots; I will also be giving my impressions on this first look at Battlefield V right after that.  Let me know what you also think about my impressions, the trailer, or both in the comment section below!


 Battlefield V Reveal Trailer 



 My Impressions 

For me, this looks amazingly HYPE!!!  I really love the chaotic action shown in what I believe to be campaign gameplay (though I also see symbols as if they are playing domination, and the animation of the guy “shhh” over your character could be him attempting to take your dog tags and getting interrupted), which is something that I absolutely LOVE about this series and they kept it intact.  I like the female soldier with the prosthetic arm, the lighting (which I am guessing is done by the “Frostbite Engine”), and current scenery.  Right from the gate this is a game I am already highly interested in and want to see some start-to-finish multiplayer footage of!

From reading the initial comments from other gamers on Battlefield’s official YouTube (which you can see by clicking the video I embedded above of the trailer), many are actually not happy with what they saw.  This seems like it is mainly due to a woman being the main supporting character in the trailer, the character you are portraying possibly being female, and the fact that a woman fighter is on the cover of Battlefield V.  While women did fight in World War II (which is supposedly the war this game is covering), they were a definite minority amongst the millions of men who fought and seems that people are mad that they have as much representation in the game as they do.

I for one do not mind.  It is a game and will never be 100% accurate as there will always be misinformation, creator’s own visions when designing the game, and you would have actually had to fought in the war on different fronts to gain a perfectly accurate description on everything that occurred.  I do not mind diversifying my game as it is there for my enjoyment, the combat is also not realistic and is fine tuned in order to be enjoyed by the millions who plan on buying and playing the game.  It is just stupid to me that people are really that upset about having a World War II game where a woman takes front and center for once; there are many untold stories and who knows what could have happened.  Enjoy the game for what it is with an open mind and wait to see if your doubts are unfounded or not.


 Screenshots and Art 

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