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Now let us be honest here; has been out of commission for way longer than it should have been, even with me promising that I was going to be constantly updating come 2016. However, this is all about to change in a big way.

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Starting up a long time ago (which feels like years-and-years ago at this point), it was supposed to be a place where I could be myself instead of “hiding my power level” on other forms of social media (Twitter and Facebook for instance).  I was going to be able to let my inner most desires as far as gaming, anime, and manga overflow and spread out.  I was going to cover editorials of my original creation, news pertaining to the subjects mentioned prior, and to review content and give my honest opinions on that.  Somewhere however, I got riddled with fear and completely indecisive as far as what I wanted to do.

Fear is a very powerful tool.  It is one that can make you question every decision that you have made and paralyzes you from taking further steps in the direction you would want.  As companies began to trust me with review material, either because they were allowed a certain number of copies for “indie” websites, saw my potential as a powerhouse later in the future, or simply wanted an alternative source of publicity, I was given opportunity after opportunity to show my stuff.  As I began to get more-and-more material, I honestly began to question if I was “worthy” to be undertaking this type of work.  Was I honestly knowledgeable enough in gaming and writing to be doing this?  Was I honestly skilled enough to gather a fan base?  Hardly anyone actually comments on my work, so what if the company sees me as a wasted resource and begins to blacklist me?  I had so many thoughts from absolutely nothing that I had no idea what I needed to do.

I do not consider myself a very religious person, but I do believe in Kami-sama and I was tuning into Joel Osteen recently.  Something about not allowing fear to overcome you because you will worry about something that will never come to pass, and I understood in my soul how this particular message pertained to me.  I was so worry about things that had never happened that they had ultimately stopped me, not to mention me thinking I was not good enough when God had clearly put many signs in front of me showing that I was good to go as far as what I was doing (Me working with a site that one of my friend manages, me getting tons of comments on my original work, and even a Chinese fortune cooking telling me that I needed to be a writer).  I decided I would go forward without restraints and truly take back what I should have had all along…my pride in myself.

Something else that gets me is also laziness.  While I love to stand back and look at my work after it has been published and really love when people share it, retweet it, or debate about my articles…I really need to “get going” to start it all up.  For me, it is like exercising, I am fine while I am in the midst of doing it but getting the motivation to actually begin proves to be the most challenging part about it.  A lot of my time was taken up by senseless browsing of the internet and gaming, I did not put nearly enough time into my other hobbies that are necessary for what I want (writing, drawing, and anime watching).  I feel like I am losing a piece of myself and I refuse to let it go down without a fight.

This update is my promise to myself, as well as you fans of, that I will be doing more of what I should be doing.  Giving you the very best news, reviews, interviews, and editorials pertaining to anime, gaming, and manga.  This will be happening first and foremost before most other things, and I will be devoting a lot of my time to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts. 

I will like to say thank you for those who stuck around during my time of absence and to anyone that took the time to read this post despite life and its busy scheduling.  Arigatou Gosaimasu!  Talk to you soon!

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