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PVC Scale Statues and Nendoroids Reviews are Incoming!

by | September 13th, 2016 |

Something that I have been wanting to do for for a very long time is give reviews for nendoroids and statues.  Until recently I have not had the resources to be able to afford to buy the material needed in order to give reviews (the statues themselves), I could also not request any assets […] – September 2016 Website Update

by | September 6th, 2016 |

This site has been getting a lot more active lately, however, it has not been active enough for my taste.  My goal is to make sure that I turn it up a notch and start getting back to some of the roots of  You can view everything after the jump, also a separate section […] – Site Update for June 2016

by | June 14th, 2016 | has been back in full swing recently.  However, things are still not as consistent as I would like due to small periods of inactivity.  This recent announcement is set to change all of that and I am bringing you the details of everything that you need to know.  From game reviews, interviews, editorials, and […] April 2016 Site Update

by | April 6th, 2016 |

Now let us be honest here; has been out of commission for way longer than it should have been, even with me promising that I was going to be constantly updating come 2016. However, this is all about to change in a big way. You know what to do for the full article. Starting […] Site Update for September 2015

by | September 2nd, 2015 |

Been a good, long while but I am finally back!  This update will talk about why my hiatus was so long, the reason I am back, and my plans for the site now that I am back!  I am happy and excited for this new future I am about to embrace at!  Go ahead […] Site Update for March 2015

by | March 1st, 2015 |

Finally got the wind back in my sails and got tons of things I want to do!  I have finally mapped out quite a good plan to stay caught up with my work here on!  The whole issue I was dealing with happened to be scheduling, and I will discuss that in this article […]

2015, Year of the Sheep! New Endeavors Await!

by | January 7th, 2015 |

The new year is upon us!  2015, year of the sheep!  2014 was a pretty crazy year and I made a lot of progress on this site, a lot more than I have made in any of the years that it was open.  However, I am not going to lie, I slacked tremendously and I […] Site Update for December 2014

by | December 3rd, 2014 |

Things have been chaotic on my side, but I am hoping to get everything good and running this month for  You can view the details inside if you are interested about what is going on.   Life’s Troubles   To be perfectly honest with all of you, the reason my content slowed down to […]

Playstation Vita Reviews are Incoming!

by | November 10th, 2014 |

The newest gaming system to be added to my collection is none other than Sony’s most recent portable gaming system, the ‘Playstation Vita”.  Given to me for my birthday by one of my dearest friends, I have now been enabled with the ability to review games for the handheld console.  Given the nature of this […] Site Update for November 2014

by | November 7th, 2014 | has been very slow as of late, this has to due with a variety of issues that mostly pertain to my addiction with the game “Destiny” by Bungie, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content I still need to post, and the uncertainty of exactly what and how I should be posting this content. […]