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Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime Review

by | July 14th, 2014 |

Another anime that I was suggested by my good friend Bianca was Brynhildr in the Darkness.  I was not quite sure what it was going to be about (Could not really understand with the name being how it is), but her suggestions are always on point with my what I consider my individual taste, so […]

No Game No Life Anime Review

by | June 27th, 2014 |

Aschente!  Could you imagine a world which decides EVERYTHING through games, even conflicts and the very right to Godhood?  Well, that is the reality of the world known as “Disboard”, ruled by Tet, the One True God.  However, how the hikikomori duo of Sora and Shiro entered into such a place is a whole different […]

Log Horizon Anime Review

by | May 23rd, 2014 |

Seems with the popularity of gaming, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) in particular, that we have began to get an influx of anime within that department.  The last major one that I payed attention to was the much acclaimed romance anime that focused around an MMO, Sword Art Online.  With this one looking promising, […]

Kill la Kill Anime Review

by | April 16th, 2014 |

My friend Rasean was the one who informed me of this series by saying, “Kill la Kill… THAT NEW HYPE.  I AM TELLING YOU OF IT NOW, lol. It’s by Gainax, and you’ll absolutely love it”.  Studio Gainax has produced some of my favorite anime, including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Furi Kuri (FLCL), and one of […]

RWBY Volume 1 Anime Review (Episodes 1 – 16)

by | February 12th, 2014 |

Mony Oum, the creator of the renowned internet videos “Haloid: Master Chief vs Samus Aran” and “Dead Fantasy: Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy” was set to try his hand at creating his own 3D anime series, a new endeavor he would undergo with Rooster Teeth (Where he worked on a few seasons of “Red […]

Outbreak Company Anime Review

by | February 7th, 2014 |

Well, it came that usual time where me and my friend Rasean were looking for another anime we could watch together on Xbox Live in between our bouts of fighting game madness. After trying out several series, we decided on Outbreak Company because the first episode was pretty humorous and delightful, it was promising and made […]

Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) Anime Review

by | January 2nd, 2014 |

While at work with my co-worker whom I normally watch anime with, we were in desperate need of a new series to occupy the hole that Shingeki no Kyojin left, and on Crunchyroll we found a series that seemed  pretty all right named “Beyond the Boundary“.  From first glance, the artwork seemed really cool (It […]

Hellsing Ultimate Anime Review

by | January 22nd, 2013 |

Hellsing is one of my favorite anime series ever, and Alucard quickly became my favorite anime character at that point and time because of how cool and brutal he is.  Naturally I was very excited upon hearing that a new OVA was being produced that more closely followed the manga. The release of the 10th […]

×××ホリック xxxHOLiC Anime Review

by | January 15th, 2013 |

There are not many anime I would consider watching without intense fighting, blood, or tons of perverted humor.  However, when a good anime is introduced to me I never pass up the chance to watch it and so I had to finish ×××ホリック xxxHOLiC, as nothing is coincidental, it had to be fate I was introduced to […]