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【TEKKEN 8】Asuka Kazama Gameplay Trailer

After the Grand Finals for TEKKEN 7 at Evo Japan 2023, we were treated with two gameplay trailers. The second of which happened to be none other than Jin’s cousin, Asuka! She makes her appearance in TEKKEN 8 to join the already stacked cast!



Asuka Kazama has a special place within my heart due to her being the character I happened to main in TEKKEN 5; which is what I believe was also her first appearance into the series. I appreciate her rivalry with Emilie de Rochefort, as well as her counters adding a bit of mind-games into her playstyle.

First off, Asuka’s appearance looks especially cute within TEKKEN 8 due to the hat that she’s wearing; her overall outfit is actually rather stylish compared to what had on before (reminds me a bit of Marie from Persona 4). I like that she keeps her older fighting stance and counters still play a part of her gameplay; though it does seem she has a few new moves, but that’s to be expected of everyone at this point. Asuka appears to be dynamic, though her Rage Art is a bit long-winded considering it’s a single punch/slam with enough force to bounce the opponent off of the ground.

While I more-than-likely won’t main her again, I will say she looks fantastic and I’m happy to have her back as a playable character. Asuka fans will definitely be pleased by her presentation.

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