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【Tower of Fantasy】Global Launch Today!

Tower of Fantasy is a “shared, open-world, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)”. This game is available on both PC and Mobile, with the PC version being a port of the mobile version (think Honkai Impact 3rd). While this is indeed an MMORPG, it is also a Gatcha game similar to that of Genshin Impact in how it functions.

I am going to cover just a bit of what’s going on in this post, as well as drop a useful video for those who are curious what the game will entail upon its release. Also, I’ll be sure to leave where to pre-download the game so you can be ready to enter the servers the moment it goes live.


Tower of Fantasy will launch at 8PM EST, which is 00:00 UTC, today (August 10th, 2022). Those who are looking for to pre-download the client for either iOS, Android, or PC, can head over to

Also, anyone who’s looking for free Twitch Drops that will be associated with this game, should definitely head over to my Twitch account at where I will be booting up the game as soon as it goes live.

Tower of Fantasy is promising bonuses within a certain window of the game’s launch which is more-than-likely free gatcha pulls or rare materials/items/cosmetics. You can check more of that here


  • Founding of Civilization – Through an interstellar colonization plan, humans created a new civilization on a planet called “Aida”. To mine the comet Mara for a mysterious, yet potent energy called Omnium, they built the Tower of Fantasy. But the humans who lusted after resources shall ultimately pay the price for their avarice.
  • Calamity & Rebirth – The occurrence of the Calamity resulted in subsequent Omnium radiation and the temporal rift that almost destroyed the entire Aida civilization. The surviving elite scientists formed “Hykros” to develop suppressors to combat radiation, enabling mankind to stay alive and continue using Omnium. Meanwhile, the research on Omnium also delved deeper into the following fields: Power supply, biological mutations, temporal manipulation…
  • Chaos & Turmoil – Facing an emerging new world order, the self-professed saviors called the “Heirs of Aida” proclaimed Omnium as the culprit of all disasters. They oppose everything Hykros stands for and lead the world into new conflicts.

    What tale will you witness in this new era?


“Kanon” on YouTube has made a first look video regarding Tower of Fantasy, which does a very good job telling you what you can expect from this free-to-play MMORPG Gatcha game. The first thing he says is “A TLDR description of this game would be that it’s more of an MMORPG of Genshin Impact“, which tells you the direction this game is headed. While it’s a general description of what they can expect, he goes on to say that there are differences.

I personally did not stick with Genshin Impact because I’m not a fan of the style of the game. I love something that has a more modern of fantasy appeal to it, and I did not scratch that it with miHoYo’s latest endeavor (TECH OTAKUS SAVE THE WORLD). I am more partial to Honkai Impact 3rd, and so I love the more modern-fantasy direction I seen from Tower of Fantasy. Something else included with that aesthetic is the ability to customize your character. There aren’t really any hair styles for the males I want, so I decided to go ahead and make a waifu. I’m quite happy with her (as you’ll see in the Pre-Download Section).

The combat looks more appealing than Genshin Impact to me, so I’m happy with that. Hack n’ Slash has been one of my favorite genres since I first got my hands on the original Devil May Cry, and combat like this is what made me play Honkai Impact 3rd to begin with. It seems to have elements like Genshin, but whether-or-not it has the same role is something I’ll have to personally experiment with when the game gets in my hands later on today.

Overall, the game looks like it’s at least worth a try. It’s free, and you get some initial items for just pre-registering and downloading the game. Might as well give it a go, you can always delete it later if you’re not feeling it.


They allow you to create your character before launch

Upon launching the client, you will need to download any updates that are available. Afterwards, you will be able to launch into the game. However, even if you try to enter you’ll see all the servers are currently “Under Maintenance”, which is just them being down until the game officially launches later on today. You’ll have options on the side to see current announcements, game settings, and finally a “Presets” option which will launch the ability to customize a character for the game’s launch.

You are able to pick from a couple default outfits, being able to change things like the color on different parts. You can customize the body to a limited extent; such as height (presets), face, eyes, and hair. You have limited choices in some while a surprising amount in others. You’ll also be able to add a few different accessories during different part of the customization. There’s also a spot to see “Popular” characters who have been upvoted after being shared, though most of these are just remakes of already existing characters (Amber from Genshin Impact, 02 from Nier Automata, Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero, etc.).

Overall, the customization isn’t too bad for a Free-to-Play game. The only thing I am worried about is that some hairstyles do not work with certain clothing. So if we’re able to get additional clothing, I hope we can go back and customize our hair at will and they don’t do something like Lost Ark where you can initially make your character but it cost real money to adjust certain things once the creation process is over.

One other thing that has me worried is the ability to use a controller. Within the settings they have options for one, so I know it’s supported, but it does not work within this menu. I am hoping that when the game actually launches and you get into the server that it will work, otherwise I will have to try and make do with Keyboard and Mouse, which is not my 1st preference but I can make it work.

All-in-all, I’m looking forward to the launch of this game, and I’m hoping to see many of you out there on the servers!

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