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【MultiVersus】LeBron James Reveal Trailer

MultiVersus is already in early access, and I’ve got plenty of time playing the game already (which you can watch me stream on my Twitch account). This game is said to have the ability to bring in anyone to its roster, which is why they called it “MultiVersus” and not something along the lines of “DC Fighter” or something which locks the roster to a certain base while bringing in “guest” characters (like Super Smash Bros.). This means that those added to the roster are just a natural extension of the game, which gives it HUGE possibilities. LeBron James being added is 100% a testament to what MultiVersus is going for.

 LeBron Character Trailer 


Originally this had me going “WTF?!”, but upon seeing the trailer and how Player First Games implemented him, I was shocked by how good the character actually looks. The stylized approach within MultiVersus fits LeBron James well, and his moveset actually looks very good too. Something which also helps is a lot of the character interaction, with him acting familiar with Bugs Bunny due to their interaction in Space Jam 2. The unpredictability of MultiVersus has got me excited since they were able to implement an actual real-life person within a game of currently all fiction characters (Arya Stark is a slippery slope, as she does use the actresses likeness, but still is a “fictional character”). Cannot wait to see him in action come July 26th!

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