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【DNF DUEL】Striker Trailer

While we’ve received a plethora of trailers for DNF DUEL over the past couple weeks, we are finally greeted with my most anticipated character of those revealed so far…Striker! Being hype from her appearance alone, I am interested in what this brawling femme fatale brings!



Striker is the character I was waiting on the most from the vibe she gives off as one of my favorite character archetypes; a beautiful, slender female character with power which is disproportional to her frame (such as Makoto Nanaya). From the trailer we see she has a dynamic style which features a lot of high-speed, impact heavy moves, and even features my favorite Bajiquan technique (the Tetsuzanko).

This character gives the impression of a rush-down heavy character who’s supposed to overwhelm an opponent with unrelenting offense. The combo she pulls off seem to be a little longer than what we witnessed in other trailers, and this could be because of the flexibility she may posses when it comes to putting together hit-confirms.

A big thing this trailer gives is a small insight on the possible combo system. Around 0:17, we get to see her do a sliding low into a jab which is canceled into a launcher, she jump cancels into a few jabs before unleashing what appears to be a special move. While I am unsure about the combo routes that DNF DUEL is taking, it seems to be more free-flowing than Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is at least. No telling until we get full matches and system mechanic breakdowns, but I am very hype for this character and how the game is shaping up!

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