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【WOTVFFBE】1st Anniversary Begins

SQUARE ENIX® announced limited-time events and rewards coming to the popular mobile RPG WAR OF THE VISIONS™ FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS® in anticipation of the title’s one-year anniversary on March 25. To commemorate the upcoming anniversary, SQUARE ENIX will host a special 1st Anniversary Livestream on March 20 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, during which the team will share various announcements, preview upcoming game content, provide rewards for players and more. Fans can tune into the livestream here:
Starting today, players can kick off the celebrations early in-game with new content and rewards, including special events, login bonuses, free Summons and more. Currently available anniversary countdown themed content is as follows

  • 1st Anniversary Countdown Login Bonuses – Counting down towards the 1st Anniversary, players can obtain various amazing rewards from daily Login Bonuses. Starting today until March 2, players can receive up to 2,100 Visiore, a UR Guaranteed Unit Summon Ticket A and more from the Countdown Part I Login Bonus.
  • 1st Anniversary Countdown Part I Free 10x Summon – Players can perform a free daily MR+ Guaranteed 10x Summon, for a total of 70 Summons, allowing them to add new units and vision cards to their parties.
  • New Limited-Time Winter Units – Winter versions of two of the most popular WOTV FFBE units are available for players to summon for a limited time: UR Vinera (Winter) and UR Viktora (Winter). Vinera, an Earth-type unit whose Main Job is “Pugilist,” focuses on physical attacks and can perform the Limit Burst “Snowball Fight,” which lowers an enemy’s Earth Resistance and deals a large amount of damage. Viktora is a Water-type unit whose Main Job is “Sniper,” so she excels at applying long range debuffs to her enemies. She can perform the Limit Burst “Winter’s Reward,” which deals large two-hit damage to her target, may inflict Blind and decreases her chance of being targeted by enemies.
  • Returning Seasonal Units – Two popular UR Halloween units, UR Rairyuu (Halloween) and UR Little Leela (Halloween), have returned for players to summon for a limited-time. Both units were previously only available during the Halloween campaign last year, so players have a second chance to add them to their collection now. The zombie inspired Rairyuu, featured here as an Earth unit, can perform the Limit Burst “Creeping Terror,” which deals damage to all targets within range and has a chance of inflicting Poison. The werewolf inspired Little Leela, a Wind Element unit, can perform the Limit Burst “Animal Pumpkin,” which nullifies her target’s buffs and deals damage.
  • New Unit MR Creysse – Players can obtain this new unit, along with materials needed to awaken and enhance her, by clearing her in-game acquisition quest. Creysse, also known as the Devoted Shooter, is a powerful Gunner with Viking and Sniper subjobs.
  • New Vision Card and esper MR Dancing Flame of Death, Marilith – Players can attempt to summon the brand-new Vision Card MR Marilith. Upon summoning this Vision Card for the first time, players will also receive the Marilith esper, which can sweep enemies away by increasing the wearer’s Slash Attack and the party’s Critical Damage.
Dancing Flame of Death, Marilith

Additionally, Chapter 12, Scene 2 of the main story is now available for players to experience. Fans can also check out the latest entry in the WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Updates series here

WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is available now as a free download with in-app purchases through the App Store®, Google Play™ and Amazon App Store. Text is supported in English, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Traditional Chinese, while voiceovers are supported in English and Japanese. For more information, please visit:

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