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【KOFXV】Chizuru Kagura Character Trailer

The first female character who has received a proper trailer for The King of Fighters XV is none other than Chizuru Kagura, who was introduced as a “sub-boss” in The King of Fighters ’96.

Chizuru acts as the 3rd and final member of “Team Sacred Treasures”, which also include Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami.  They are referred to as “Team Sacred Treasures” considering the game’s lore which states that all three members are descendants of clans which held sacred artifacts that sealed the serpent monster “Orochi” 1,800 years ago.

 Official Trailer 


While she looks good in my opinion, I have never been a fan of the character or her personality.  I have heard that Chizuru takes inspiration from Yohko Shiraki “Tomorrow’s Joe”, which is a manga that has been recently adapted into the recent anime “Megalo Box”.

I have never liked Chizuru’s fighting style either, but you have to admit that they did a good job with her attack animations and her combos look fluent and well put together.  I am loving the doubles she sends out as attacks, only to warp and become them as the attack itself ends.  The only thing I am not a fan of from the trailer are her Desperation Attacks (Supers), or her Neo Max (assuming that’s what it is as the final thing we see).

SNK is progressing in showcasing these trailers compared to the absolute horrible mess we got from their initial KOFXV reveal of Shun’Ei.  I don’t understand why they do not really show off their characters by showcasing the combo system to its fullest, but SNK needs to start making these teasers more tantalizing to keep interest from players outside of their usual fanbase.

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