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River City Girls | 5 Things You Should Know

River City Girls is a beat em’ up game that was recently released by WayForward with help from Arc System Works.  The game is fun, has amazing music, and has received a lot of love from its community.

Below I have included 5 things I believe you should know after you start playing River City Girls, be warned that some spoilers might be in the works, so it might be better if you beat the game before proceeding.

 #5 — Combo System & Cancels 

Thank you, Aria!

Something that is unknown to most people is the advanced techniques found within River City Girls combo and combat systems.  This comes from things such as cancelling, juggling, and even how bosses react to certain moves. 

I have embedded the video above which shows many of these things in an easy-to-understand tutorial titled “River City Girls – Nuances and Mechanics” by Aria/Mikadok, someone who has pioneered  a lot of advanced techniques for the game.  You will learn about what I pointed to above, but also techniques such as re-stands, dab cancels, etc.

I have included Aria’s social media information so that you can follow, and also the discord link for a growing River City Girls community that is dedicated to finding and sharing more techniques and just general love for the game!

 Aria’s Social Media 
 #4 — Stat Increases 

When I first did my review for River City Girls, I had no idea that items within the shop provided stat increases for your characters when you buy them.  This makes sense why certain items are priced higher but give the same life gain as other consumables; it is because they give permanent stat bonuses which affect things like agility, strength, etc.  So if you see a Noize Doll for $500 and see a Game Cartridge for $100 and both give 100% of your life back, it is because one of them gives a one time stat boost which is better than the other.

I would advise that you eat every item once to gain the permanent stat boost that you receive, though you have to be careful.  If you choose to go through the game solo, it is quite easy to tell what you have and have not eaten since “???” will appear on everything you have not bought.  If you make your way through the game in co-op, then everything your partner buys become visible to both of you and vice versa, meaning you will have to repurchase everything in a shop to make sure that the item was got by the both of you.

 #3 — Secret Shop 

If you proceed Downtown and go into the Tunnel, if you click around behind one of the pillars near a brick wall door, you will find the secret shop “Merlin’s Mystery”.  You might recognize this shop from other games within the River City Ransom series.

Within the shop you will find two items, the “Bunny Button” and the “Tank Button”, each running you $5000 dollars.  Bunny Button allows you to go insanely fast while the Tank Button makes you incredibly strong (but with a speed penalty).  The purpose is to have both items equipped so you can get the power penalty of the Tank Button with no speed penalty.

 #2 — Collectable Cats 

Just like the 25 Sabu statues, you will now have Cats to collect when you begin New Game+.  These Cats are all around River City in different locations, the video I used can be found linked above.

Upon collecting all Cats, you will receive an item that will grant you unlimited SP when it is equipped, effectively giving you an infinite ability to do special moves.

 #1 — Boss Mami and Hasabe 

While you may think that Sabuko is the final boss of River City Girls, she is in fact, not.   You have a hidden boss that is harder than all those you have faced up until now, and it happens to be the two girls that have been hating on our protagonist duo since the very beginning of the game.  However, it is not obvious that you have to fight them and must do a couple of things first.

The first item, “Hasabe Charm” is unlocked after defeating Sabuko at the Sanwakai Tower (the final area of the game).  The second item you will need, “Mami Charm”, is found after you destroy all 25 Sabu statues that are scattered throughout River City (the guide I used can be watched here).  After you have collected both the Hasabe and Mami Charms, equip them, and head back into the final room of the Sanwakai Tower that you battled Sabuko to be treated to a boss-style animated intro of our final antagonists. 

The duo is pretty hard, as I ended up fighting them on Hard difficulty during my second run of New Game+.  I suggest heading to Uptown, near where you fought Hibari and fill up on some 100% life-refilling consumables at the game shop before attempting this battle (16-bit, solid gold taste!).

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