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RNTS-14-BBCTB Tournament Results

Thursday, June 6th marked the 14th tournament for THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ and the 13th for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle! 13 competitors fought it out to see who would come out on top!

Many amazing moments happened within this tournament, everything ran smoothly, and white hot battles were had as per the usual!  Check out the Top 8 matches, tournament results, and the match highlights below!


 Time Stamps 
Match 1 0:00:00
Match 2 0:14:16
Match 3 0:24:54
Match 4 0:34:40
Match 5 0:48:10
Match 6 1:02:20
Winner’s Finals
Match 7
Match 8 1:18:33
Loser’s Finals
Match 9
Grand Finals
Match 10
 Tournament Results 

RNTS-14-BBCTB Tournament Bracket
Champion Kilo
2nd Place Ryougi
3rd Place Pheonix351
4th Place Free_Izzy
5th Place ALoserNamedTama
7th Place Shokame88
9th Place Wavywarrior81
13th Place Ultimate_Lotad
 Match Highlights 

  • First match on stream, Izzy vs Tamaki, was an absolutely fantastic match.  It came down to the wire with a win of 3-2 with Tama putting Izzy into the loser’s bracket with low life between each of them.
  • Wavywarrior81 vs HPH_Aidan was hilarious by match’s end.  The fact that Wavywarrior81 was winning and lost to a repeated DP by Aidan’s Carmine, showing YOLO tactics can outweigh logical thought.  Wavywarrior81 leaving as soon as he lost made it appear to the RNTS commentator staff that he raged quit; this caused quite a bit of laughter from the crew.  Come to find out however, he had already lost 3-0 and left so it was not a rage quit, but it was still funny to witness.
  • Shokame vs Free Izzy in the 1st match of Loser’s Bracket Top 8 had a nasty finish at the end of Match 3.  Predicting Shokame’s movements, Izzy’s string of reads with Hakumen resulted in a Distortion counter finish on an incoming character, wiping out both of Shokame’s characters simultaneously in a dazzling defeat.
  • A wild ending happened in the second match of Winner’s Top 8 between Phoenix and Ryougi.  Close to being 3-0’d, Phoenix seemed as though he pulled it back from the brink of defeat with Blake.  However, Ryougi had other plans with Hyde and grabbed Blake while in Resonance Blaze with 9 full bars and Astral Finished him.  Astral Finishes results in an instant win and this brought an unlikely upset against Phoenix, resulting in Ryougi winning the set without dropping a match.
  • ALoserNamedTama had an impressive 3-0 run against HPH_Aiden after being down 0-2; Tama had a team of Seth/Yukiko but made a change to Yu/Mai.  Aiden could not adjust to the change by Tamaki, his failure to adapt knocked him out of the tournament.
  • Match 4 of Izzy vs Tikhaos in Loser’s Quarter-finals saw a dramatic turnaround. Being down to his last character, Izzy did not give up and fought tooth-n-nail with Azrael, eventually catching Tikhaos’ Tager while calling in Waldstein’s assist in a Distortion Super that ended in him double ko’ing both of his opponent’s characters.
  • Phoenix made a good run for the second week in a row, but he lost against Ryougi 3-1 in Loser’s Finals.  The problem within this is I believe Phoenix’s team of Yuzuriha/Izayoi should have been switched after the first or second loss for his Blake/Vatista team.  I honestly believe this was a throwaway match because he did not use his strongest team available; sure, I understand it comes down to player confidence within the match-up and their vices against certain characters, but I think he could have tried while he still had matches to lose.
  • Ryougi came in 2nd for the second week in a row, losing to newcomer Kilo.  While things seemed even at first, the change by Kilo to Es/Waldstein proved a difficult hurdle to climb, same as when he pulled out this team after a loss earlier in the tournament.  Ryougi looked like a broken man in the 5th and final match of Grand Finals, losing in a clean defeat to Kilo with both of his characters in good health.

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