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RNTS-15-BBCTB Tournament Results

Saturday, June 8th marked the 15th tournament for THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ and the 14th for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!  8 competitors fought it out to see who would come out on top!

Many amazing moments happened within this tournament, everything ran smoothly, and white hot battles were had as per the usual!  Check out the Top 8 matches, tournament results, and the match highlights below!


 Time Stamps 
Match 1 0:00:00
Match 2 0:11:28
Match 3 0:26:34
Match 4 0:36:50
Winner’s Finals
Match 5

Match 6 0:56:00
Loser’s Finals
Match 7

Grand Finals
Match 8

 Tournament Results 

RNTS-15-BBCTB Final Bracket
Champion cur-is
2nd Place Tikhaos
3rd Place Ultimate_Lotad
4th Place Megakin
5th Place Pheonix351
7th Place Ethralatheon
 Tournament Highlights 

  • Tikhaos beat Ultimate_Lotad convincingly in Match 5 of their Winner’s Top 8 match with only a bee’s dick of health with Waldstein.  Unfortunately Ultimate_Lotad was unable to finish Wald off and paid for it dearly.
  • Match 5 of Ultimate_Load vs Pheonix351 was complete destruction.  The happy birthday by Lotad put Pheonix in such a position that he had no choice but to block, but he died when he ate a throw.
  • First match of cur-is vs Tikhaos was amazing, the former making an amazing Yukiko comeback SOLO, not even popping Resonance Blaze until after Tikhaos’ first character was dead.  The rest of the match was a testament to cur-is prowess with Yukiko and his understanding of Aegis; this match was masterful.
  •  Ultimate_Lotad made masterful work at the end of Match 5 in Loser’s semi-finals.  With nothing but Weiss left and a full health team of Megakin’s in front of him, Ultimate_Lotad realized that Crash Assault was the dirtiest of answer.  After catching Megakin with no less than 4 Crash Assaults, he painted a road to victory that was not otherwise illuminated; highway robbery and the perfect way to mount a comeback.
  • Grand Finals was amazing fast, cur-is going absolutely crazy with Yukiko and Aegis; masterful spacing, anticipation, punishing, and dominating neutral.  This was a definite repeat of Winner’s Finals with previous RNTS champion Tikhaos having no clear answer with his signature team of Waldstein/Tager.  Definitely excited to see more Yukiko play if cur-is plans to join future tournaments, amazing display of skill with an underused character. 

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