This article uses information that may be considered a SPOILER. Please understand that reading beyond this point may cause you to learn about things you may not have known about if you are not knowledgeable on the topic. You have been warned.
 Episode Impressions 

Miyuki talking to Furuya

This episode did not have much happen, more-or-less it is another episode focused around Miyuki, Sawamura, and Furuya.  Well, I find it is a bit more than that due to them talking about the aspirations of everyone on the team and their ability to contribute overall to Seido’s baseball endeavors, but it is one that centers around the relief, the ace, and the catcher.

This whole episode is a lesson on how to focus someone’s burning ambitions into a fine laser aimed towards the team’s goals.  We see that with Miyuki’s masterful manipulation of Sawamura and Furuya, telling the young and upcoming 1st-Year Catcher watching them that this is something he will need to be able to do.  Also as the coaches sit and talk about everyone’s baseball journals, they make mentions about whether their newfound strengths came be turned towards the team or not.

Episode 12 just enforces why Miyuki is Captain of the team and the responsibilities he has to make sure each player uses their optimal potential.  What I am most looking forward to come the next episode is Sawamura warming up with Okumura and what we will see in terms of them as a battery; will Okumura be surprised at Sawamura’s unique stance and pitching prowess?  Will Sawamura find that him and “Wolf-boy” are more compatible than he thought?  I think they will wind up earning each other’s mutual respect and not complete out-of-the-question if Sawamura asks to have Okumura continue to catch for him as opposed to Miyuki who took Furuya’s request over his own (even though he did also agree to Sawamura first).

Overall, not much happened, but a build up to Sawamura and Okumura is well worth the wait.  Also, I wonder if we will see any of those “numbers” Sawamura wanted to run so he could be prepared for some actual games.